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DnB was definitely unexpected. Got some nice lines, all flowing together and structured pretty well. I think if you're going to use what sounds like stock instruments for your drums, I would do some wild ass processing with them -- for instance I really like playing with distortion, pitch shift, ring mods or bit rate changes.

There are lots of free synths out there like 99sounds drum machine and aggressive drums which would also help out here.

The square bass is a nice sound but also doesn't offer a lot in the way of changing tonality, which is what dnb is ... now known for. Try some fx and modulate different parameters of them to say, the kick or snare, so that the audio output of those moves some knobby knobs. I'm not sure what DAW you use or what those would be called in it, but you get the idea.

Good work :)

b1n4ry1 responds:

Thanks, by the way, i use FL Studio

Nice chord progression in the beginning, and lo-pass play

By 33 seconds I'd have expected a bit more dramatic of a transition into the intro than doubling the melody. I used to listen to a guy by the name of Kush on YT. A rule he had for transitions was either add two things, or take two things away :)

Cool piece. Cheers

b1n4ry1 responds:

Thanks, I'll consider your advice!

Interesting concepts, a lot of them repeating. I think some study of song structure, contemporary meaning, and a lot of the all over the place feeling of this composition could be tamed into a more comprehensible and enjoyable structure. You have a lot of nice sounding ideas. Just sounds like it isn't quite sure where it wants to go :)

Signals Music Studios is a good place to start

ChibiWilli responds:

Many thanks! I plan to be working on more stuff sooner or later, so there might be a sudden wave of posts from me.

Also, RIP the VS Joy mod, got completely abandoned after like 2 songs were made for it.

Love the aesthetic of the vocals, nice writing on the chorus. It's irresistibly catchy

You aren't my sunshine
My fucking sunshine
You make me sad boi... all de time
You'll never know, dear
how much I hate u
or how that hate consumes my whole life xD

littlemisfortune responds:

Didn't you sing this when I first made it, too? Lmao

I'm amazed something that last 3 seconds has managed to hold my attention this long. Still, I would have liked to have seen it turned into a full song

This is the most anxious street walk I've ever seen. I might be cruising the alley, hoping not to get shot LOL

Doesn't loop perfectly, but for 2004, this is pretty banging.

Классный бит. Только хотелось бы, что барабаны громче были, а 808 чуть тище. Найдите плагин KSHMR Essentials Kick. Я всегда использую -- бесплатный плагин, здорово работает чтоб улучшилось звучание барабанов. Также полезны stereo widener, chorus, doubler, не знаю как на русском писать эти вещи.

Можно скачать Smiley VST и soundgoodizer, sausage fattener для мастеринга :)

Super authentic sounding olskool acid going on here. It takes quite a while to develop, as is the fashion, though I think I would like just a little more obvious filter play leading into 3:20. 4:15 sample brings the emotional chord progression to an almost tearful point.

Still invested by 5:36. Perhaps a little taming of 20khz plus frequencies through here would do it well. 6:21 build is functioning well and nicely produced.

7:14 that vocoded sample could probably be panned back and forth for a bit more play in the space. Brauer motion if you don't have it is a great plugin for that, great for arpeggiating and quick automated pans

Overall, a good contemporary techno piece, or at least what will have been considered contemporary in a few decades. Makes me miss the 90's. Better days

Lashmush responds:

My next EDM project is "Power of Celtic". Ive failed that one twice on NG so im gonna do it justice and do it right. Shiva Shidapu is 90s psytrance legends (one of which went on to become Infected Mushroom). c:

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