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ADR3-N's News

Posted by ADR3-N - 12 days ago

Heya, I wanted to stop by and thank everyone who commented on my last news post celebrating my non-death haha. I happened to have some time while studying abroad to drop by and leave a present.


I have no idea if this will embed properly, but it was a nice surprise YT actually rescinded the copyright block on educational grounds, since I obviously can't post it here. I undertook this track as a Russian language project for my class, before leaving for my studies.

Original is Sam Smith, Dancing With A Stranger. The lyrics are basically verbatim the English.

Big news, I should be back some time in the next two weeks. And my laptop did come in. I'll have to actually purchase internet, since my installation accommodations block "game" sites like NG, unless I pull the coffee shop wifi motel game lol. No biggie.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Those of you who want to get in touch with me, right now fb, snap, and whatsapp are the way to go. Drop ya deets if ya wanna do the greets.

Catch ya around!

Taggy bois:

@realfaction, hit me up about that podcast. Won't be able to record anything for two weeks but ey, haha

@quarl, I always remember what you said about cymbals when I produce these days. Fountain of helpful advice, seriously

@AliceMako, I don't even know how to use most of the synths you recommended me properly anymore, but they're so idiot proof, I still am able to, and that's saying something haha

@darksunshine eyyyyyy

@Kieran, I hope I'm spelling this right. Haven't seen you I think since your last username change!

@Troisnyx, I've missed you something awful, sis. I still listen to your tracks on the long commutes. You wrote any more hymns?

@LexRodent, how's it hanging? Life has been absolutely nuts lately for me. Let's get in touch

@cyberdevil, I've missed the holy hell out of you. What's shakin? You still keep those archives going?

@sethskoda, wow it's been a while. I didn't recognize your username a sec there. What have I missed?



Posted by ADR3-N - January 12th, 2020

Hey, just a quick note to those who have been missing me a year plus, I am currently working on getting back to here more regularly. Some of you know I left to join the military, and my current work prohibits Internet access to a broad range of sites, NG included, so I'm limited to access on my phone for now, but in the coming weeks I should be getting my laptop back and will be able to post some new projects and get back to business. Unfortunately I don't have time to check notifications or mails yet. Just posting to let you all know I've missed ya, and I'm not dead!

Please @ anyone you think would like to know I'm alive. Hope to see you soon!



@tomfulp @lexrodent @troisnyx @cyberdevil @quarl


Posted by ADR3-N - August 25th, 2018

Yo, I only came here for one thing
Ya girl Seven need a diamond ring I think
the way she got me trippin with her art skills
Imma show you what she sent me, talking pixels

I got me some strawberries; she drew me a squirrel
Now I'm trippin' for syllables, out of this world
@HeadMistressSeven -- I appreciate you
Got my feels to eleven, post so overdue!


Haha, seriously though, I showed my mom. She digs. Now I have to find something to send back to you LOL.


Posted by ADR3-N - August 13th, 2018

PSA, new laptop came in. Will be spending the next few days setting everything up. Will update Patreon and other stuff later. Probably will not be available during this time. When I get back, will resume normal operations.



Posted by ADR3-N - July 18th, 2018

A small news update on what I'm doing this week, and what's to come!

TLDR: AIM judging finished! See @RealFaction's newspost for details. New song released; changes to upcoming planned releases. Launched Patreon per your suggestions! Now also judging NGUAC with @TaintedLogic and crew through Saturday! ... I mean, Sunday!

Next up in a series of newsposts:

  • AIM announcements -- where to get the album/artwork, playlists, links for posterity
  • Upcoming projects, artist news, possible stem releases and sample packs
  • NGRC roster update -- and huge thanks to everyone who turned out for AIM this year!


  • Patreon, just rolled out this month so we can get working on the projects YOU want!
  • NGUAC judging, round complete Saturday, 77 submissions
  • Art Appreciation post, for @HeadmistressSeven

Status Updates -- The Skinny

A lot has happened since last update, some of which I'm saving a FP post for, but now that AIM Judging is concluded, I've got a couple minutes to sit down and talk.

Let's start with my latest release, Since We Fell Apart. Full details in the track description, with plugins and stuff. Pretty much the first track I've been able to render since January, when I managed to track and record Re:Reveris, a metal cover of @Troisnyx's gripping original, which you can find here, and I do intend to revisit.

For the past year, I've been more concerned with just getting mixes out there rather than properly attending to the finer aspects of music like good mastering simply because the risk of corrupting files or needing to rescue my system with a repair disc after a crash was starting to outweigh the benefits of my usual 5 beta-mixes and masters, and really, had I known it was going to get as bad as it has, I would have skipped out on copping most of my gear earlier this year and gotten a new computer somewhere around Cyber Monday.

What had started with the occasional switch-off rendering larger files in Sony Vegas two years ago eventually turned into crashing on mixdowns in Mixcraft 7, both of which I wrote off as buggy software until they became more and more frequent, occasionally whenever playing the occasional PC version of say, Mass Effect 1, accessing videos from the hard drive, or even something as simple as longer YouTube videos. I thought this may have been my RAM at one point due to usage statistics, so I upgraded to maximum capacity and began testing my other components, which all turned out mysteriously fine! I mean, video card underperforms, but it's a Lenovo T410. It is what it is.

Everything was fine, or so I thought, until one day I made the mistake of trying to render one of my upcoming projects, Open Your Heart, one too many times. After about six tries with my computer fainting at about 50% of this relatively modest track, even with every track already rendered to .wav, I restarted my computer to find an error code. Hard drive failure.

Funny, since I'd scanned the drive, kept it clean -- no reports of bad sectors or crash reports, nothing.

Needless to say, I downloaded a rescue disc program via my phone, burned it on another computer, and fixed it, including reinstalling Windows and restoring the boot options, since that also somehow was corrupted. Microsoft denied my Windows product key at that point, which tells me my PC was hacked by the seller before I bought it; possibly even had this same problem.

Suffice to say though that I've been unable to fix the underlying problem, and issues have been gradually compounding. I'm not copping a $100 dollar Windows disc with product key for a dead computer when I can get Windows 10 pre-installed with all the bells and whistles on a new PC, and until recently, projects have been sitting on the back burner as a result.

However, this week I've been fortunate enough to be able to borrow @LittleMisfortune's laptop, install my plugin suite to her DAW, etc. This isn't going to be a one time thing, either, meaning I should be able to render projects not quite frequently, but more often. Now, since I actually have something to offer my fans, I've set up a Patreon with a little more detail on what's going on and some upcoming releases.

From now on, I do plan to get a little more organized and start releasing tracks to my Patrons first, anywhere from a couple days to a week ahead of time, just because it gives me more time to take care of what I need without micromanaging a hot-off-the-press release, using my hours unwisely, if you catch my drift. There will be all kinds of benefits as I'm able to provide, like stems, .wav files, tutorials, and more, so hit that Super-Subscribe button and don't be shy! Everything is up on a pay-per-project basis, no monthly charges, and you can cancel any time.

The whole idea of this project isn't just to get around to pulling old projects out of the pipeline, though. My end-goal is to get this show on the road, to where it's financially feasible to start producing the content you want. Whether that's commissions, covers, or creator resources, I've got the time to spare, and with your help, I can put it to good use.

Anyway, thanks a million for all your support over the past decade I've been making music, guys. I wouldn't be here without you! Subscribe and lemme know any suggestions you have for updates to come in the comment box!


Subfam: @BlueAlpha14 @CyberDevil @littlemisfortune @maorrichan @RealFaction @Xtrullor


Posted by ADR3-N - June 19th, 2018

It's that time again, ladies and germs!

Today, June 19, 2018, we are officially past the half-way point to enter the most efficacious, audacious, occasionally pugnacious AIM2018! Deadline July 8th. See @RealFaction's recent podcast and his response to my review for details.

Note: There have been some rule changes since the AIM2018 FAQ was recorded. Vocal sample packs are allowed, provided you chop them up, don't use any lyrics (this composition is supposed to be 100% your original work!), and essentially use it like you would any choir or vocal stab VST.

Enter here!
Discuss here!

There's tons of prizes and a lot of fun to be had. Just remember, somebody's gotta inherit these bad boys from me, and that somebody could be you...


if you meet the deadline... and win first place. At such point I'll send 'em to ya, along with a nice personal letter with hearts and stuff, because you make me happy.

Without further ado, here is the playlist I promised -- which essentially functions like a normal list, but with cool pictures and a descrip -- with the added benefit that someone, namely me, will constantly be there to auto-update it for you and notify you in the comments weekly, provided you're a member of the NGRC or choose to subscribe. ;)

Here ya go. Check it! 

1726297_152938367731_ngbbs5b260200d7b09.pngArt by @Nalem, also for sale, with or without text!

Buy Artwork with Text
Buy Artwork with NO Text

As for the Review Crew, here's your first roster, made by @ChronoNomad, filled by yours truly.

@AceMantra @Big-Boss @Cyberdevil @HeadMistressSeven @I0ta @littlemisfortune @PhantomCritic @Troisnyx


Not too shabby, if I do say so myself -- but it's not like I can take too much credit. :P

Next roster should have change stats. Lemme know if I missed anyone, and I'll be sure to update the screenshot. This was the best way I figured to spread the sheet, no pun intended, without anyone with a link being able to edit it.

Also should have a roster by @byteslinger for those of you who love your @Auz lists at some point in the future. No rush on that one though. Meantime you can go and drop your username at NGStats. Pulls monthly.

I'll be back on the first of next month with another update, with an announcement on the 8th so get reviewing!

Subfam: @BlueAlpha14 @CyberDevil @littlemisfortune @maorrichan @RealFaction @Xtrullor

Quick personal note, I'm about half-way through all my PM's, and I've decided I will start on Patreon. Already got some cool stuff written up there. If interested, check here. First goal is $400, total, for a new PC so I can release projects again. Also got a poll up with some extra info about said projects so please do go vote.

Full NG announcement and discuss to come later, but consider this a preview. :)

Ps, those of you who would like to help me fix my computer situation but don't exactly have monies, I am still doing that 20 reviews per referral jig. 20 constructive reviews for a 10 cent tip at no cost to you. Starving artists, ya can't beat it. All you have to do is sign up here with a spare email, confirm, and shoot me a PM so I know who you are.

Should decide you wanna make some extra dough to afford those fancy studio monitor headphones or whatever like I've snagged in the past, huge bonus, I am willing to teach the tools of the trade, proof of earnings included. At some point I intend to write a review and a howto, since cashout minimum is like a dollar, and who doesn't need an extra dollar every now and then?

But anyway, enough about me. We got stuff to do. Go go go check out that playlist! :*


Posted by ADR3-N - June 14th, 2018

Hey guys, just a quick note here to anyone who has missed me, I left home for a week or so, had some computer problems, home issues, etc. I should be back in service Saturday.

Basically, RL responsibilities and social anxiety had piled up to the point I didn't want to do anything but sleep and avoid social contact, and I really needed to get away from my home situation, crappy internet and family feuds included. Sorry for the lack of notice. I have no excuse, but here are a few things I will be doing in the next couple days.

First, for those of you in the NGRC, I will be posting an update with a playlist of all the AIM entries and their inspirations to current date, for your convenience.

Also need to update the roster because @LittleMisfortune tapped me on the shoulder about a typo in her name @byteslinger may have already noticed. If any of you have reviewed anything in the meantime you particularly enjoyed, feel free to share in the comments though.

Assuming no interruptions or callbacks on that job interview I put in this week, I will be going through all of the entries this Monday for review, and each following Monday will be expressly dedicated for that purpose.

I also have a crap ton of music backlog that I will attempt to post over the coming months. The problem hasn't been skimping out on work so much as every time I try to render a track, my computer crashes. Hopefully getting a new notebook soon to tide me over, so if I can just move the projects to my external or move parts around until things actually start working, I'll do that.

I also have all the parts in for that electronic drum project I mentioned I was doing. Sorry for delay. Had to order a new soldering iron but should be good to go now. Even got some new E-cymbals in.

Over the next week, I'm gonna try and go through all PMs and notifications that you all have sent me and get back in the groove, so if you see this and I haven't messaged you back yet, it isn't because I'm ignoring you; I had actually typed up replies to a lot of my PMs before I left home, but as I mentioned, frequent computer crashes and not enough money to toss out my Lenovo just yet.

Speaking of money, I may have a job working at a local TV station soon, late night, early morning, so that could change. If you're the praying type, I could use a few, haha.

Anyway, I think I'll cut off right about here. Just wanted to say I love you guys, and I've missed ya. Hope to be back to normal soon.

NGRC Roster


Subs:  @BlueAlpha14 @CyberDevil @littlemisfortune @maorrichan @RealFaction @Xtrullor

Extra Peeps: @AliceMako @byteslinger @ChronoNomad @GUTHRIE @IoTheEternal @Jackho @LexRodent @LittleMisfortune @SevenSeize @TomFulp @Troisnyx

... And if you're not on that list, it's because I lost some of my ProKeys shortcuts. Ay. Might follow up this post with a short blog about what I've been doing the past week. Saving my frontpage for the NGRC update.

See ya!


Posted by ADR3-N - April 28th, 2018

Yeah, that's right. Ya heard me. It's that time! Newgrounds' finest, mostly-annual (only) Art Inspired Music competition kicks off this Sunday, April 29th, bringing the business. (thread and official podcast)


Art by the lovely @Nalem. It is indeed for sale if anyone wants fancy T-shirts and stuff. (snag it with text and without!)

Ps. This post was like 90% memes, but image processing kept hanging on like 3. Sad face. Guess I can just moonlight on CRACKED.com if the demand tumbleweeds and sassy black women is real.

Now, I know you're wondering: @ADR3-N, what does Art Inspired Music have to do with the Newgrounds Review Crew, and why are we inviting everyone to it? Don't we just review stuff? And like, where have you been dawg? You ghostin'.

Tbh, the last time I thought about all of the above, my computer exploded and I... for some reason never heard about Nate's competition, y'know, the last one I invited you guys to, ever again.


Some time after I fixed said computer, however, I was tapped on the shoulder by the eminent @RealFaction and had another thought. (See reference image for details.)

Skipping over the copious amounts of dread I generally have at the thought of social interaction, the general idea was, since I myself will be judging and reviewing AIM this year, assuming no more computer explosions, and I know it to be a genuinely awesome shindig for all involved, why not invite folks to the party?

Y'know, so you can make like ya girl here:


So, like, you're officially invited, because the best part of compos like AIM and NGADM has always been the feedback at the end of the day.

I mean, not that the prizes aren't totally ballin', but a little knowledge and encouragement can propel an artist lightyears forward, sometimes literally, so us music nerds sorta kinda go cuckoo for Coco Puffs over this stuff.


Normally, judges like myself do the legwork of reviewing all the submissions, and this year we have a few panelists in the mix. That's a guaranteed 5-7 detailed reviews per track, which is awesome...


I would be remiss not to kick off this crew with a good cause. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to kick it with yours truly in the trenches for AIM 2018. And review things.

No ASL, please. 90's internet rules for the win.


Participants comment below. :)

There is no set requirement of reviews to remain on the roster, nor to participate in the AIM 2018 Review Jamboree, and our application form has been updated. Fill it out as many times as you like!

Also, join the crew, yo.

NGRC Roster:


Let me know if I missed anyone. Will personally update the spreadsheet provided by @ChronoNomad on the first of the month to stay in sync with @byteslinger's stat pulling; that will commence the official record keeping. I may ask her if she would mind showing me how to drum up something similar to the EGB roster for the purposes, then host that on a Weebly.

EDIT: Automatic stat-pulling is in the works! Monthly updates in the vein of @Auz's Top 100 Reviewers list will proceed.

Join or CRY, and Remember:



Posted by ADR3-N - April 26th, 2018

I got bored and made myself a new header and sig. Probably looks terrible.

Used GIMP 2.0, Arial (Newgrounds) font, some sponge brushes, simple filters, etc. Took about 30 minutes. If anyone wants one, hit me up.

Got two songs on the burner, expecting some time in May. Announcement tomorrow for the NG Review Crew, regarding the upcoming AIM competition.Stay tuned!

EDIT: if you're wondering where that announcement is, I didn't lie -- just trying to get it to post. For some reason the memes are hanging it up or w/e

Sub fam: @BlueAlpha14 @CyberDevil @littlemisfortune @maorrichan @RealFaction @Xtrullor


Posted by ADR3-N - February 24th, 2018

Last time I was here, I mentioned my computer blowing up and not being able to do jack squat since. Well, I've fixed it for the most part -- some more than before. Slated to start university in the fall, and hoping to have that new desktop done by then. I'll be easing back into the usual business along the way, starting with the Review Crew business and the usual mod duties. Got some new synths and some songs in the works also.

Until all that jazz, what's new with you?