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I make music for games and movies, video edit, and share the occasional art piece or news post. Inbox me yo.


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Heya, I wanted to stop by and thank everyone who commented on my last news post celebrating my non-death haha. I happened to have some time while studying abroad to drop by and leave a present.


I have no idea if this will embed properly, but it was a nice surprise YT actually rescinded the copyright block on educational grounds, since I obviously can't post it here. I undertook this track as a Russian language project for my class, before leaving for my studies.

Original is Sam Smith, Dancing With A Stranger. The lyrics are basically verbatim the English.

Big news, I should be back some time in the next two weeks. And my laptop did come in. I'll have to actually purchase internet, since my installation accommodations block "game" sites like NG, unless I pull the coffee shop wifi motel game lol. No biggie.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Those of you who want to get in touch with me, right now fb, snap, and whatsapp are the way to go. Drop ya deets if ya wanna do the greets.

Catch ya around!

Taggy bois:

@realfaction, hit me up about that podcast. Won't be able to record anything for two weeks but ey, haha

@quarl, I always remember what you said about cymbals when I produce these days. Fountain of helpful advice, seriously

@AliceMako, I don't even know how to use most of the synths you recommended me properly anymore, but they're so idiot proof, I still am able to, and that's saying something haha

@darksunshine eyyyyyy

@Kieran, I hope I'm spelling this right. Haven't seen you I think since your last username change!

@Troisnyx, I've missed you something awful, sis. I still listen to your tracks on the long commutes. You wrote any more hymns?

@LexRodent, how's it hanging? Life has been absolutely nuts lately for me. Let's get in touch

@cyberdevil, I've missed the holy hell out of you. What's shakin? You still keep those archives going?

@sethskoda, wow it's been a while. I didn't recognize your username a sec there. What have I missed?


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