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Literally me. Except I do this in America, and not Japan, and I'm always alone. I swear I'm not schizo. Animation is swaggin', yo.

Pi Za Tahst for the win.
Also, background music is super unsettling.

Pretty good stuff. Would have fived for smoother animation. Some scenes are absolutely gorgeous. VA work is great too.

The animation is fine. I just have no idea what's going on other than Eliza stumbling on ya girl and ... assumedly someone dying for reasons shown offscreen?

CandiToons responds:

thank you for the criticism! Well- the story is, Dan is walking down the street and notices Eliza weirdly staring at her. Dan waves as a greeting but she continues to stare- ^u^ (( and le oof was because i wanted to end it in an o o f )) :3

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This game is weird, but I like the concept. SFX are not annoying, which is a plus. Everything appears to be working. It's just a bit too simple to keep my interest.

TypeB responds:

What's your score tho?

I swear I keep reviewing this thing.

This is probably the most addictive game I've ever played on NG. Not to mention, it's fun to dick around composing simple little songs with the limitations of the setup.

I mean, what other game do you know of that is a jukebox, RPG, DAW, and rhythm game in one?!

Can't share my creation for some reason -- on Opera, but is a great, fun little game.

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I'm not really feeling this. Kinda empty, and that sounds like Nexus keys.

Your leads are pretty simple. Doesn't sound like you've messed a lot with velocity. Remember to do that when you have 2 or more of the same notes in a row especially.

I'd also recommend some basic study of music theory like chords and scales. Your chord progression here could have been a lot stronger if the voicing wasn't so chunky in those lows and mids. Chord inversions will also allow you to spice things up without transposing the same chord up and down. That's what it sounds like you've been doing here from your octave lead to your powerchord background.

I also recommend not using the same instrument for your lead and chord changes throughout the song. Piano lead? Why not a pad playing your chords instead? Keeps the ear fresh.

Good transitions though. I'm only listening on my phone so I can't comment on mix. If you like I'll revisit later and modify my score accordingly.

Keep going. You've got some solid ideas here. Slow and pensive. I dig it.

Nice slow intro, filter sweeps, etc. Beautiful fill bringing us in, totally unexpected! I had to hear it again.

Now, your "snare" sounds like a clap. Needs some bottom head sound. You can try blending a snare sample, etc., but as is, super thin.

I can also really hear that stereo expander effect. I would advise against using it on an entire track, at least to this wideness. It can start to sound like a cheaply applied verb. I notice it expecially on your chorus. Sounds washed out, like standing a football field away from the main melody, crammed into a gymnasium on PA speakers.

That said, I don't have the same criticisms of your phrasing. I found the change warranted -- I would have gotten bored after hearing the same melody for like, a week tbh -- and you've done some magical things with it.

Great work! Thanks for coming out to NGRMC!

ClockbeatAdelony87 responds:

Thanks a lot! <3

Nice warbling synth play; something we tend to see less of in the synthwave genre today that I wish would return.

My singular complaint by 0:39, bass is just a hair too loud -- or the percussion is not cutting through enough. Try a gated reverb on your snare/other pieces.

I do really like that drone. Never too overt, always quietly doing its job without complaint.

Phrasing at 2:14 is a bit off. The straight toms and later fills don't really go well with the synthwave feel you've got going on. I would have spaced those throughout the track as variations at the end of an 8 bar or 16 bar phrase.

Nice chord at 3:05 with filter modulation. Totally unexpected and would have loved to hear more of, earlier, but did its job.

Smooth piece, man. Diggin it. Thanks for coming out to NGRMC!

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Normally I don't make a point of reviewing A-rated work, since it's not exactly my cup of tea, but some serious proportion/motion issues prompted me to drop a comment. The breasts on the blue haired woman are moving kind of weirdly. Not sure what's going on with the receiving girl's back. The roll or whatever that is should probably also move a little. Her knee and thigh angle looks either broken or extremely painful. Internal shot also takes away from the rest of the piece and puts it on the super detailed... is that her anus, or does our top have a horse cock? My family raised horses, so that image was burned into my brain at a young age.

Anyway, other than that, the piece is super quality. I just wasn't able to enjoy it.

This one is a lot cleaner -- good lines, sharp. The shading and dimpling of the skin is still somewhat lacking -- however I see where you did try so points for that!

One additional area you can focus on is the eyes. This is where we instinctively look at a character. The more contrast in those eyes, big pupils, glossy reflection -- take a look at some anime eyes since I think this is the style you're going for. Don't be discouraged. You will get there!

Pretty simple drawing. Anime style lemon. Good proportion on the facial features. Working on cell shading and cross-hatching would seriously improve this piece, since the lemon itself is rather featureless. You could even draw a few simple humps and bumps here and there to accentuate the lemon skin and give it a sort of texture, or show us some light/shadow.

DistractedDuck responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I know it's not that good, but at that point it was just kinda for the lulz, to be honest. I wasn't really sure how to do shading right there, and it was getting a bit late in the day. I might do an improved re-draw one of these days, who knows. But, hey, thanks for stopping by! Means a lot, honestly.

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