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Wow, this art style is a throwback. I dig it! Smooth, and good production value on the sound.

I came here because @BrokenDeck mentioned you used one of his songs in the Audio Forum Lounge. Not disappointed.

The lighting is so realistic, it looks like a real freaking bean. Maybe not a baked bean, but a jelly bean. Holy shit.

Jesus Christ ya boy's whole head went missing!

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This game reminds me of the good old days of DDR. I really like that people can mod their own levels, which adds a degree of replayability, though I personally absolutely am terrible at the genre.

The up and down arrows move the screen up and down too. Change the controls to WASD?

BSA-15 responds:

i am new to newgrounds i didnt know it made the screen go up

The game works but is wonky enough as to be surreal. Also, water is solid? Cool concept but I'm not sure what to do.

JoaoPiskDev responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Some issues are related to the web build like windows glitches and framerate. Please try the desktop build for better quality. Its free

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The mix in the beginning is a bit low mid heavy. I suspect it's the low pass combined with lots of reverb. You can actually cut a lot of that away to 150-250 hz without losing a lot of the breathy character. If you have a lot of low mid going on in your melodies as you do here in the intro, I actually really recommend it

I enjoyed the tempo increase you did into 1:20. I would probably bring the entire chorus/drop to bear right there with your bass line, if applicable. It feels like a lot of builds up to this point and I'm ready for a drop!

Also, that cymbal is trash, no offense. It's dry. Try getting a sample pack online or something. There's lots of freebies to be had -- check my page if you're really stumped where to look. I have a news post of lots of free instruments I think you would enjoy.

The cymbal is really loud at points. You might think cymbals are loud, but listen to your favorite compositions. They're actually quite far down in the mix. I might also put a ping pong delay on it if you plan to use it as is. In this genre all your hihats, cymbals, snares, etc, should have a spacy feel to not stick out. Reverse cymbals leading up to the crash and sweeping transitions are great for making smooth transitions

I'm noticing there really isn't a bassline. Not that I can hear

The detuned piano actually sounds quite nice. Didn't expect that!

Anyway, nice track. I actually really enjoyed the listen and think you did a great job writing your leads. I myself have trouble with that. Great work. Keep doing what you're doing, and you'll go far :)

Wow this was not what I was expecting hearing your work with @Ultramartyr. You have a really nice voice. I'd like to hear this in a heavier style, honestly, but it sounds quite good. Might add a small delay to your vocals, take the drums down .3 dB or so, and bring the vocals up by .2

Great work

Miss you, man. I've always loved the rough, gritty quality of your tunes. This is a little quiet -- could probably be fixed with just a free online master at this output volume if you don't want to spend a lot of time doing that yourself. It sounds like the high 18-22k is overrepresented in the cymbals, and the drums themselves could use some compression. I would also take the bass up by anywhere between .5 to 1.5 dB. It's sort of hiding with a low end fuzz. I can only hear a bit of sub.

But not complaining. The writing of this piece was pretty splendid

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I'd prefer thinner line work on the top leg but otherwise this is top notch. Nice coloration and detail on the hair, great pose, cute background and borders. Great work!

Ah, nostalgia <3

Can you imagine Squid Game as an anime? All the blood xD

Love your style. Reminds me of the Sailor Moon, Cowboy Bebop era. Better days...

pinkstrator responds:

I would love an anime spin-off of Squid Game! Thank you so much, I love 90s and early 2000s anime I do my best to replicate that art style.

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