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I'm shocked my original review has disappeared. Anyway, I was just thinking of you the other day, and this series in particular. I wanted to thank you for using my music in your animations. I thought about how much you have improved over the years, and hope you are still making videos like this. There's a certain nostalgia I love. Miss you and hope you're around!

The animation is so smooth and disturbing. Only thing that could be better is the sound design. It's pretty mid heavy. More professional production is in order. If you did this yourself, great work as the animation itself is a tall order, probably taller than audio. If you paid someone for this, pay someone else, no offense! Just could use a more contemporary sound.

MaxJohnsonINK responds:

its just me. I've been using a leap pad for most stuff but i got my eye on a pretty nice pixter.

So proud to have my music featured in this series, as well as to have the opportunity to help with storyboarding. Nobody makes things like this anymore. It's a classic by its very nature

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Can't seem to get the buttons for + whatever clicks per second to work on mobile but I like the concept!

Edit, I lied, I see how they work now!

Lmao the only option for helping the homeless is no 🤣

EchoSoftwares responds:

It's bcs you haven't found the secret.

Not a bad concept. Pretty simple. I think you could use similar programming for a rhythm game of sorts that would gain more traction. If that's the sort of thing you're interested in, I have a music catalog you can use for free and do commissions. Musicality is what I feel the game itself is missing, even if you just tempo matched the time stopping to the lo fi beats in the background

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This is short but actually sounds pretty cool. I would prefer a different kick, with a bit more grit. The bass is what really makes this track though.

Do cut off the silence at the end! An additional fade out from 1:19 to 1:21 and a cut will do.

I actually love the drums you've made. In BeepBox no less. I think the pads could come up a bit, but the sheer variety of wild sounds I've NEVER heard anyone do with this tool amazes me.

Once again I'm left with sounds I want to sample -- those drums are YES

JimmyTheCaterpillar responds:

thank you adrean :)

It looks like this is a bit quiet on the waveform, however going to turn it up for the sake of review. I think where this shines is actually in your percussion. It is quite dynamic for such a limited range of frequency. I think something could be done to get a bit more punch out of the kick, perhaps find a frequency that doesn't clip out so much at the bit rate.

As far as melody, the portamento shines atop the almost lackadaisical up and down arrangement. I think the supporting countermelody can get a bit busy, particularly at 12 and the repeated section -- largely because we already have fast moving hopscotch percussion and the melody is quite slow.

I would like to hear more of the bass on this piece, if you have the possibility to turn that up in I assume beepbox. I'm not very familiar with this tool. I also think that you could maintain this internal loop and change the break before 18-20 seconds leading into the new section. It sounds better as a true finale stinger before the swooshy transition, as opposed to leading into a B section. I hope I am able to make this clear.

What I typically do when I am making a short drop like this is start with 4 bars, copy. Change bar 4 and leave bar 8 as the final fill. To extend to 16, I do the same process, change bar 4, 8, 12, or 16 accordingly to keep the illusion I did NOT just copy and paste everything. And I generally make changes in the bass or the harmony instruments before I touch the lead. It keeps things fresh.

There is another principle to building a song structure -- add 2 things at a transition, then remove 2 things. Keeps things dynamic. Can be done with one element at a time of course, but it helps keep things shifting ever so slightly, and is a great exercise in creativity. You are already doing this to some degree in your guitar knots pieces, I see.

Again, great to hear from you, and happy to see you improving each time!

JimmyTheCaterpillar responds:

Yeah I think i'm starting to get a sense for when repetition is utility and how to organically sort out how to keep things moving.

i think your second paragraph really sums up where i faulted this song,,, i really just made it so busy and then i was like!!! shit!!!1 what now!!

mixing in beepbox can be weird, some instruments just want to be quiet. I have a method worked out for more specific mixing in the program, that being to just export every instrument individually to audacity and then mix and match from there but i think i'd have to really either like the track or be expecting something from the track to make that extra credit effort essentially lol

thank you so much for your continued support. i didn't always understand some of the things you meant abt production and stuff when we initially started talking, but i think i'm starting to click a couple things. i'm grateful!

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This is a nice little scene. It looks almost as if it were drawn in Flash 8 back in the day. Gives me nostalgia

Lizguy74 responds:

Thanks, I never thought about it like that. Cool!! 😎

And you make absolute fire album art <3
Thanks so much!

Came here to say, congrats on UOTD

Also, crazy what a filter will do to spice up an image. I wouldn't have mentally processed you had one on!

Glinglon responds:

Thank you! I figured since Pico's School happened in the 90's he'd be using a video camera instead of a phone, so I thought a filter would help with the pov/aesthetic.

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