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Jesus Christ ya boy's whole head went missing!

I really enjoy the 3D effects in this animation. It's super varied and unique. Also, the flags and other 3D objects look freaking great.

Thanks for using my music!

This is pretty baller. I watched on mute because I'm in public, but I still enjoyed seeing everyone's art styles

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The up and down arrows move the screen up and down too. Change the controls to WASD?

BSA-15 responds:

i am new to newgrounds i didnt know it made the screen go up

The game works but is wonky enough as to be surreal. Also, water is solid? Cool concept but I'm not sure what to do.

JoaoPiskDev responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Some issues are related to the web build like windows glitches and framerate. Please try the desktop build for better quality. Its free

This is a super cool idea, and just for that you get a 5. Congrats on 14 years on Newgrounds!

The-Great-One responds:

Oh lord, I still need to update that. Throw it on the checklist of things to do today.

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You aren't my sunshine
My fucking sunshine
You make me sad boi... all de time
You'll never know, dear
how much I hate u
or how that hate consumes my whole life xD

I'm amazed something that last 3 seconds has managed to hold my attention this long. Still, I would have liked to have seen it turned into a full song

This is the most anxious street walk I've ever seen. I might be cruising the alley, hoping not to get shot LOL

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I have so much respect for pixel art. The gradients one has to make by hand, how to make shapes and contours resemble bodyparts or shoes. It's like hieroglyphs, representing the body and forms in their most recognizable aspect. I dig.

I love how smooth everything is, as well as the cartoonish but very clear expressions

I really love your use of coloration and texture. I have no idea what it is, but it's beautiful

DanielGalaxy712 responds:

Thanks for respond =)

5'5, no longer 25
will make music for your games and movies
tell mom I said hi
I offer translation to and from Russian language

Age 26

language instructor

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