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Looks like a nice color study. I'm impressed with your values. It's not really all that messy, considering

I have so much respect for pixel art. The gradients one has to make by hand, how to make shapes and contours resemble bodyparts or shoes. It's like hieroglyphs, representing the body and forms in their most recognizable aspect. I dig.

I love how smooth everything is, as well as the cartoonish but very clear expressions

I really love your use of coloration and texture. I have no idea what it is, but it's beautiful

DanielGalaxy712 responds:

Thanks for respond =)

Wow, this looks absolutely gorgeous. Do you sell prints?

DanielGalaxy712 responds:

I glad what you like my art :)
And no , i not sell prints , but if you need my arts for cover - just say ;)

Coloration is absolutely swaggin. Love the relaxed style

This art style and coloration reminds me a bit of western attempts at anime, like Avatar. I dig it

A method I use with contrast, I make a top layer and add my shadows there. The eraser tool comes in handy at times when I screw up hahaha. I mostly do traditional art, where that's not possible

I'm amazed you don't have more followers. This is smooth and stylistic, kind of like old videogame box art. I dig it

AnonymousAsn responds:

I do need to work on the backgrounds a little more. Seems a little lazy an to be honest I was since the main focus is the person. But will try to do better and improve!

Giving this a full five because starfox N64 was my favorite space shooter <3

Here from review request club. I dunno if these are mouse drawn or not. Proportionally, I think the shoulders on the pink are just a bit too wide, on the purple, just a little too small, and the heads are large, but that could easily be excused for cartoon style. Those tooth looking blue things look cool though!

Redead-ITA responds:

Thanks for the review, These were drawn using a tablet, but i mostly stick without using Anti alising, i can see where you come from when you mentioned being too wide, not so much.
as for the blue things it's actually a very childish drawing of a bunny using a 5 faced Pen. so it's drawn 5 times, i appricieate the feedback.

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