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ADR3-N's News

Posted by ADR3-N - October 25th, 2023

Couple new developments, y'all, so I'll get right into it.

Firstly, thank you all so much for your responses to my last post. I got so many tracks to my inbox, it kept me busy for days! Big thanks to @JimmyTheCaterpillar for my first commission for professional audio critique and the most interesting pieces I've ever heard out of Audacity and BeepBox!

It took about a week to get through the DMs, sharing to twitter and in the case of Spotify playlisting everyone. I'm ready for more, which brings me to my next point.

If you've been following me on Twitter/X, I've been on a mission to connect with as many independent artists as possible, hip-hop artists, one man bands, indie rockers, and literal digital artists.

In particular, I'm looking for album artists and tracks to playlist on YouTube and Spotify.

I have a few playlists ready. If you see one you like, drop a track here and tell me where to put it! If it fits, I'll throw it on here, and if not, I'll start another playlist.


For independent hip-hop with vocals. I'm thinking of seeding it with a few larger artists for the algorithm, but not so many that it loses its mind!

I will be making genre specific playlists strictly for instrumentals as well, so feel free to drop your tracks, even if they don't fit, and bonus, I'll follow you on Spotify.


JAMMY BOIS - edm and hip-hop bangers - What it says on the tin and then some. Primarily Russian Hard Bass, rap, and EDM for cleaning the house, dancing when no one is watching, and setting fire to the club. Vodka is not an option. Anything hard, danceable, and liable to get the cops called when the beat bang, put it here.

Chill vibes. Slowed and Reverb. Lo-Fi welcome. Ear worms and songs that can be played on repeat. Featuring lots of Doja Cat, Jenny Darling, you're my best friend, and so much more. If I can kick back and play Borderlands to it as well as sit and talk to the girls, it goes!

Awesome Music - This one's an oldie of mine with all the classics. We got power metal, memes, absurd lyricism, mashups, and yes, more memes. If your music is epic, I'll probably add it to this playlist anyway.

Just Producing - YT for all you producers out there who like to show off your beatmaking skills.

My personal t.A.T.u playlist in case y'all make a cover or a remix. I watch this one a lot, so you'll be getting streams from me. It does a great job of serving me recommends off of this one since my last couple tracks, Ne Ver Ne Boisya English and All About Us Russian blew up!

And finally, INDEPENDENT ARTISTS ONLY!!! This playlist is actually a dinosaur from back when I made beats to sell on YouTube (2015???). No rules apply. Not genre specific. If you got a download link in that description, stick that bad boy right here.

If you got something else in mind, drop your track and tell me what kind of playlist you think would fit. I'm always looking for a reason to start a new one!

Give me a few days to sort out all the replies and playlisting. Going through that Spotify playlist up top took about a week to get through 80+ replies and threads, minus some other commissions work, and besides that, I'll be judging the semi-finals of the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch, as well as working on "Rock and A Hard Place" for @JT424 this week. You can catch the first episode on Spotify here!

Still working on themes for @MATRVG's animations over with Reduce Team, expecting a release or two within the week. Expect a return to retro with some SNES Castlevania remixes!

Oh, and I almost forgot, for all the boys who are dumb af and the girls who fuck with them anyways, BOUNCE is now out on Spotify! We made a splash here on Newgrounds, so I figured I'd drop it. Now you can go on TikTok the next time some fuk boi slides in your DMs and become a memegod.

Get it here!

In other news, we have some images that belong squarely on weed twitter. Witness the napalm and cannabis induced AI wet dreams of Xena the Warrior Princess!








And that about wraps it up for this week! Thank you all for your support. If you want to help keep this train wreck afloat, you can do a few things. I got a ko-fi over here for donations, a Twitter you can follow, and a YouTube that could always use comments. I am not a bot, I reply, share, and follow back! :)

Special thanks: @CyberDevil, @MATRVG, @MarioGD, and @JimmyTheCaterpillar!

Sick album art by @Odd-Naw is now finished. Show him some love! (and check out the previous versions!)




Posted by ADR3-N - October 13th, 2023

Not sure how this will be taken, but I'll jump out of the gate and say it. As of three minutes ago, I am offering critique and content promotion, in that order. I will fairly and honestly review AND/OR promote literally anything and especially your music for a price that's fair to BOTH of us (including free). See bottom for details.

EDIT: I realized I made an error in my pricing. I wrote "up to" instead of "at least." That's what I get for writing at 2 AM! Also, content can be anywhere, not just Newgrounds!

Why am I doing this?

Well, the Review Request Club is effectively dead, and in the 17 years I've spent on this site, I've constantly seen non-reviews on music, games, and movies, now in declining numbers as infinite-scroll culture has hit its peak. The stream of low effort comments and alternating silence contrasts demand from content creators of all levels for actual meaningful feedback, which sucks. Everyone wants to feel their work is seen and heard, myself included.

To fight the engagement vacuum, I try to do little things, judge competitions, share user content, and occasionally offer myself up for reviews, basically to help out any way I can. Over the years I've become aware of some limitations, like buckling under the pressure of lots and lots of notifications, because I have a bad habit of over-volunteering myself for lots of things, just because. I've found that aside from all the thanks I get from the community, which make me feel good, spending days or weeks to review and post consistently is a challenge. Having little incentive to push through sucks, and so does the fact I could be working on things that might earn me money.

So, as a remedy for both of those problems, I'm offering free and paid reviews, as well as promotion upon request.

I will still of course be doing all the things I typically do on Newgrounds for free, and I will never ask for payment for services "already rendered." In fact, I won't be posting any links to payment platforms so you DON'T send me money for something I haven't yet agreed to do. Just giving you a little kick-me sign to hit the top of my to-do list whenever you want, for whatever you want.

So what is my expertise?

As I mentioned, I've lived here on Newgrounds as an aspiring music producer for many years now, judged several prestigious Audio competitions for the past decade, and have been involved in the community for quite some time as a an audio moderator and everyday user. Audio production and music composition is my primary concentration. However, I also fancy myself an occasional writer, as well as an avid consumer of virtually all forms of digital content. My favorites are first person shooters, graphic art, sci-fi fantasy books, and many, many documentaries. I am furthermore a treasure trove of useless facts, like how the Russian word for water is one letter away from vodka, and I find it difficult to hear people talking over the sound of spoons against ceramic.

Finally, I am a huge, huge nerd, and unlike people offering to give reviews for clout or commenting follow-back on your socials, I actually really like to do this stuff. I would just like to be able to do it for a living.

So, with that said,

All the power of my big-brain and carpal tunnel hands will be at your disposal for the low price of:

  • FREE - 100 words or less
  • $1 - at least 250 words, or content is ~7 minutes long
  • $3 - at least 500 words, or content is ~10 minutes long
  • $5 - at least 500 words, or content is ~15 minutes long

Special orders:

  • $10 - 500+ words, up to 5 individual pieces
  • $25 - an entire album with individualized track reviews, or long form content

Multiple tracks are accepted.

For promotion and publication to your liking, add $5 to listed prices.

Be advised, if I like your work, I will probably share it anyway. This is mostly for pitching your work to playlists in your genre of choice, promotion on other platforms, etc.

Payments to be accepted through Ko-fi donation, CashApp, and Venmo. Request via PM or your choice of Discord/Twitter. Payments upfront, negotiable and most importantly refundable. Honest reviews only, I will not lie for dollar signs, but I will highlight any area of your choosing as the focus for my review/promotion.

Also, I may place a limit on orders if I have a high volume to avoid burnout.

If you see someone doing a whole lot of these, or they look cookie cutter, there are lots of scams going around online with the advent of AI. You have probably unknowingly witnessed Chat GPT responses disguised as content review/promo, and that is NOT what I will be doing. Typically 10-20 reviews will take me an entire day, and this is what they will look like. (None of these are paid)




Now, contrast this with what comes out of Chat GPT when you ask it to review any song. Unless it has lyrics, GPT is shit out of luck, and it will still make complete gibberish. Reference, I asked it to review my discography and it invented albums I never made and influences that didn't exist, like what this guy is doing below.


I can see why people are using Chat GPT for this purpose. Reviews take a long time to write, and they are great for posting to your content hubs for promo/sales, your beat catalogs, your raps, animation portfolios, or whatever you feel like in the digital revolution. As long as they're not written by an AI or some idiot who isn't paying attention, they really do work.

That's what I want to offer, my experience, my time, and my whole, undivided attention. Hopefully a little added boost that just works.

Who wants the first slice?



Posted by ADR3-N - September 30th, 2023

Throwback to 2005! For those of you who loved Ne Ver Ne Boisya reimagined in English, it's t.A.T.u's All About Us like you've never heard it before. The song has been translated in Russian for the first time and sung into reality with AI! It's been a labor of love, a dream, and a lot of elbow grease convincing the Yulia AI to scream as usual. I think I spent a whole day yelling at my computer, thankfully all alone, lol.

Hyperlink: https://youtu.be/2unUQiSOS1g

Lyrics will be posted to the comments.

Ne Ver Ne Boisya English Version


I wanted to thank you all so much for your kind words, requests, and feedback. I'm so happy to share something you all enjoy, something we've been yearning for for years, more t.A.T.u. music! t.A.T.u. forever, Never Forget!

Aside from these projects, I have several commissions going behind the scenes. This video was made possible by viewers like you, because I'm pretty much making them for free thanks to YouTube copyrights. If you want to help support or strongly encourage me to keep going, you can leave a tip!

Supporters and Special Thanks: @MATRVG, @MariogD, @CyberDevil, and the Newgrounds fam as always.

Tip jars:



More about the project:

I made this video with the power of AI, my own voice, and manual translation, trying to stay as close to the original as possible.

Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina's vocals were sung in realtime through so-vits-svc in Python, with lyrics translated from English to Russian. The instrumental was pulled from the 2005 Dangerous and Moving album version run through Ultimate Vocal Remover.

More tools:

If you want to use so-vits-svc yourself, you can check out other videos on my channel discussing it first. It's a lot of work!

Yulia AI model, first test


Yulia AI model, second test


Lena AI model, test


My dataset is available on Google Drive


I highly recommend p3tro's tutorials and trying things locally with the help of a thread I wrote for troubleshooting the software.


Visualizer made in vizzy.io.

DAW: Mixcraft 9

FX: Howard Benson Vocals, Smiley VST, Cymatics Diablo



Posted by ADR3-N - September 21st, 2023

This post is subject to removal or redaction at any time in order to protect the real life identities of persons involved. It is illegal to harrass or slander these individuals.

EDIT 09/22: The victim and her partner have released further statements under duress regarding this issue.

It is so much WORSE than the rest of what you may read below, which remains unaltered with the exception that files aside from the now redundant text file have been removed.

I was absolutely disgusted by what I saw and completely concede all former assumptions about any claims of the victim and her partner (alleged grooming is no longer simply alleged), my doubts of the utter depravity of Johnny (exposed to an extreme degree), and that my further statements in this matter are and have been completely irrelevant and unwanted.

Johnny is an absolute depraved, lying, manipulating bastard. I am more than willing to testify in court as to his lack of remorse and callous disregard for anyone but himself, and at this point personally believe he used what he knew of my online sexual harassment, our friendship since 2016, and how I would BELIEVE his regret about reminding me of said trauma to garner sympathy or some sort of support -- because I confided in him that as a minor I did engage enthusiastically online with pedophiles. Probably gave him some kind of kicks, by the looks of it.

It follows that I have played right into his hand. This has caused further harm to the victim, justifiably dragged my name through the mud, and for that I take whatever comes with it.

Beyond that, the only potentially relevant items from this post and the aforementioned Read.txt are the address to pedophiles and groomers, why victims do not and should not have to be spotless lambs to be blameless in such cases as this, and the names and history of my own sexual abuse on Newgrounds and other sites. My statement pro-contact minors are a danger to themselves and need support and protection as such stands.

In regards to the victim's statements, I dispute only the claims I have any active alts (Newgrounds staff will be able to check this), or motive for Johnny's return to online life, or desire to prevent legal turmoil that likely will result from his actions. I certainly wouldn't have included evidence he paid a minor for sexual favors if I supported him. Nor would I include the evidence provided by the victim and Arnozy, or Shal. I have just seen that Johnny requested EDIT permissions to this document, which I of course did not grant. I would not be surprised if it, the document provided by the victim, and my text document are reported for "violating Google policy"

My only intention, which is irrelevant, was to examine the entire narrative from an unbiased point of view. The victim has accomplished better than this, in incredible detail. We clearly see absolutely NOTHING Johnny ever had to say beyond actually exiting online life instead of watching his world crumble was worth wasting breath on.

I wanted Johnny to at least admit what he had done, for how long. We have seen where that went. A waste of time. Further, I sought to demonstrate that Johnny need not be a monster and the victim need not be a saint for his actions to be preventable, wrong, and deserving of jail time.

This much is still true. She shouldn't have had to post anything but the dick pics he sent and his aliases, and that should have been enough.

Additionally, after reading the statement of the victim, I realized I had uploaded the unedited versions of some screenshots received, inadvertently exposing the victim's discord username. She responded with a further body of evidence that is so unbelievably horrific, I struggled reading it, and I am ashamed to be part of the reason you felt the need to write it. I have removed the files as there is no need for them and will not be speaking of or contacting either individual after this point per implied request.

The situation is so much more awful than anyone could have imagined. No one should have to go through what Johnny put her through, the phone calls, the sexual favors, "edging", and the internet sex dungeon he took it upon himself to make. No one should have to deal with the amount of shame and self doubt as their abuser uses every avenue to ensure it keeps continuing, and to silence them when they finally speak out by any means necessary.

The victim did not and should not have had to show anything beyond those initial pictures for Johnny to deservedly lose everything he has built. He should stop playing sex games with kids online and go to prison for grooming, emotional abuse, libel, cybersex with a minor, indecent exposure, and soliciting/possession of child pornography. And he should stop acting like anyone should feel sorry enough to hear anything but his own admission of guilt.

Jesus Christ, Johnny, what the fuck. All I ever did was try to get you to admit what you have done and know why you acted the way you did. It was your decision to try and twist that around too. What can I say, I WAS warned and you literally did it to everyone else.

I really DO hope you go to therapy. In prison.

And to the victim lastly (I don't deserve the right to use your name), you should never be ashamed of what you did or what happened to you. I'm sorry that I entertained this piece of human trash and his slander, assumed anything he said to be correct about your relationship with Arnozi, and ultimately made your life that much harder. I thank you for exposing the fuck out of the man I thought was just a decent guy making multitudes upon multitudes of stupid decisions, and for proving me dead wrong about my assumptions about him, about your case, and him grooming you most of all. I'm so sorry for this to be the way I find out I was right, and your story of abuse is so much worse than my own.

You don't have to accept my apology, nor respond. I don't blame you, I don't judge you, and I hope to God you can get the help you need. If there is anything I can do besides shut my mouth, like testify on your behalf, provide any libellious statements of Johnny if you think them relevant for prosecution, I will do it. Again, I am so sorry to be in the same sentence as the man who did this to you.

Original post follows.


I hope in reading this analysis and my thoughts you understand why this post exists. It is not because I have any desire to protect Johnny. I don't. All of this information is more than enough to send him to jail.

It is because this day and age, we have this concept of GROOMING MINORS as the only instance in which minors will engage in sexual acts with adults, and the reason why minor victims cannot be seen as pursuant of encounters with adults (pro-contact minors). Persons talking about their childhood sexual abuse now feel like they must PROVE GROOMING in order to tell their story, because it is so, so embarrassing to tell.

I would argue that grooming minors is the very FIRST step on a long journey to pedophiles gaining access to easy victims. However, the effects of grooming are slow to accumulate and hard to understand.

Each minor is affected differently. Myself, I am not a universal model as has been pointed out, but my own experience with grooming began in 2005, or 2006. I hardly remember -- some of it will be detailed in my document, at the end. As I realized over the course of writing, I do still feel deep shame about my interactions as what would be termed a pro-contact minor, and about not releasing the names of those adult men I remember.

At the end of my document, the names of these men are released. I am still unsure of how I feel 17 years later. Perhaps, free.

EDIT: See images. I found even MORE of them after I wrote this and removed countless erotic stories written from that time.





But I have digressed. My point is that AFTER grooming, the psychology of children is incredibly well understood to change. The minor begins to seek out adults for sexual gratification, and this is not talked about nearly enough. As such, virtually none of them are able to get help.

I had men like this in my inbox. DAILY.




These minors deserve to be protected and understood. They need an extra push getting away from adults, because they don't want it. They may press their desires on unwitting adults (developmentally delayed, insecure, autistic) and then we have a situation as we see here, with Johnny and the victim -- and I will continue to refer to her as victim, because it sounds like that is what has occurred to her for a LONG time, victimization, to end up in Johnny's inbox.

EDIT: Johnny was not at all unwitting from the body of evidence presented. Original post continues.

My argument is and has always been that victims do not have to be perfect angels or even sympathetic characters to be recognized as victims, and the WHOLE story of pro-contact minors be safe for discussion. Move the Overton window.

Minors should be encouraged to pursue legal action against offenders, protect their identities, and that they don't need public approval to do so.

Measures need to be taken to protect them online, so that we do not have stories develop such as the one you are about to read. Mental health services need to be provided for these children, as well as education provided for adults, that these situations are ALWAYS wrong, no matter WHO PURSUES WHO, or who does what.

Warning: NSFW, discusses pedophilia, sexual text, grooming, blurred images of Johnny's penis.

What Happened: A few days ago, it was revealed that @ThatJohnnyGuy had an illicit sexual relationship with a minor. That minor, now 19, released with her boyfriend a trove of information regarding the sexting, images exchanged, and finally, alleged that she had been groomed by Johnny.

Later comments, additions to the dossier by Arnozi, and further responses from Johnny online made it clear that was barely scratching the surface of all that had happened. Several inconsistencies which will be discussed in the course of my own document were uncovered, as well as complicating factors to the case.

EDIT Sep 22: These inconsistencies were due to a rushed document according to Arnozi and are no longer relevant. Post continues.

Victim's and Arnozi's statements, subject to further additions. Complete with images.

Around that time and since, Johnny has released additional statements, half-admitted guilt, backpedaled, sworn to take legal action over libel (as seen in victim's doc and later mine), mulled over suicide, and in general done all the things a potential legal defendant SHOULD NOT DO, including share further screenshots of the conversation (which I was able to get my hands on) and more final statements.

EDIT: Sep 22, Johnny has removed all documents and information, is reporting documents others create. He has further removed posts and comment sections entirely.

Additional Evidence and Angles Emerging

The document below contains severely disturbing content, underage sex-work, monetary exploitation, explicit sexual themes. My intent in sharing this information is not to exonerate Johnny of his crimes in anyway, but to explore the wider picture of how this all happened, as well as why it is important to examine the entire facts in determining how to move forward.

EDIT: The files associated with this document are now redundant, as are some statements, such as those regarding grooming and the relationship of Arnozi and victim. Original text file. Post continues.

Its purpose is as a response to the discourse surrounding the victim's statements, Johnny's admission of guilt and proofs, resolving contradictory statements, and shedding light on a massively non-discussed topic which is the genesis of this affair: minors in online sex work (which I myself participated in from the ages of 11 to roughly 16).

In this document and accompanying screenshots, the genesis of his illicit relationship with minor victim is shown, motivations of both explored, and legal complications explored. It is by no means exhaustive, but it is the best idea of truth I think we will ever have.

EDIT Sep 22: These screenshots are irrelevant, as the victim has clarified the information to a stomach churning degree. Post continues.

Also included are the names and details of my own sexual exploitation as a minor, occurring here on NG and on TribalWars, Skype, etc.

To Johnny

I am still so beyond disappointed in what you have done. I still wish you would take accountability. More accountability. YES, you did have a sexual relationship with a minor online, and YES, knowingly. My friendship of years with you does not override that you have acted incredibly selfishly in this situation and committed serious crimes.

You may not have initiated this sexual relationship, but you allowed it to begin. No matter how manipulative a person is, or how poor your skills at setting boundaries are, you should at the very least know it will be prosecuted, and hopefully that steers you away from allowing it to happen. As you have mentioned countless times, you should have blocked her the instant you thought this was a possibility, and probably reported her for sexual harassment.

You deserve to lose everything you have built. I struggle to hear anything else. The only thing you don't deserve is death, dismemberment, and harassment. You're not a violent offender. You didn't actively seek minors to have sexual relations with online. But it still happened.

EDIT Sep 22: I retract the claims you didn't seek minors and not deserving anything, at this point. You've alienated perhaps the only person online who still cared about you. Congratulations.



Posted by ADR3-N - September 17th, 2023

Hey Newgrounds! Been a while. I'm back with another list of free samples to build your stash. Keeping the text wall fluff for the end of the post. Minimum necessary deets. :)


Let's dive in with Phonk Guys Discord, a one stop shop for phonk production. All types of phonk are represented, from hard hip-hop, memphis rap, and chillout to cloud phonk and house. Tons of phonk samples and a vibrant community of producers. Multiple language chat supported.

Hot spots to check out are the downloads, samples and kits, and production help sections. Literal gigabytes of kits and sounds available. Server is active. Hip-hop producers won't be sorry you stopped by!

See also NG Audio Pub Discord: resources tab. You can ask @Lich to be added to the Free Resources Ping. He never misses!



ADREANALINE sample pack is still up on Drive, updated today. Get it while it's hot!


I plan to update this pack periodically. Just added some more snares and weird noises. Next up is more 808s, rides, and other cymbals. Open for requests!


PHONK DRUM KIT vol 5 - Reddit


Reddit kits are notoriously recycled junk, but this one is a good starting point for those looking to branch out into phonk or spice up their existing sound. Beware acapellas likely need licensing or extensive manipulation... Which reminds me:



See above! Most recent pack I came across was the "best oneshot kit ever," which folks have complained is old news -- but that means some of these samples at least have been used to great success. There's something to be said for familiarity, so worth checking out! Also, see plugmaximum's 800 mb glitch kit


CTK-2400 Project & Saudade Drums

Those seeking after a more organic set of drums or weird olskool keys need look no further than the CTK-2400 project and its cousin, Saudade Drums Remastered. Courtesy yours truly. Punchy, natural drum heads and warm, wacky synth sounds, playable in sforzando (free)


Unison Freebies

These require a little patience with Unison's penchant for constant emails, but if you like getting freebies in the mail, they're actually pretty good for that. The most recent pack I've seen from them is a Hip-Hop drum sample taster. Check it!

KyleBeats Freebies

One shots, melodies. There's 3 kits there. Occasionally he drops freebies in his email list as well. Some of his kits are hit or miss, however I do think Kyle puts out good work. I also enjoyed his Drip plugin... once I learned how to use it -- cough, automation, cough.



DJ Pain 1's website

DJ Pain is a long time producer, beat and sample maker known for his attention to detail. He has also made more beats than most high school graduates these days can count. You can trust his samples to be what they say on the tin, whether that's royalty and hassle free or full of actual hip hop soul. If you subscribe to his email list, expect some freebies in addition to the kits he offers on site. The Spice Rack, Lavish Loops 1, and Unfinished Friday Kit are FREE




Bedroom Producer's Blog has released their 2023 drum sample collection. BPB is almost always a hit and has tons of freebies for the seasoned producer and the man who just started cooking alike. You'll want to see Gratis and Goldbaby respectively. Here's the list.



There's also a guide to start making beats, if you haven't done that already.

To make use of all these samples, you're gonna want a good sampler. I have a few recommendations.


I can't recommend Mixcraft's home suite of plugins enough

--alphasampler and omni sampler, manual 1, manual 2



The best way to get these is to download a Mixcraft trial, if you don't have them already, and yeet all the plugins you like out of the VST folder and into your DAW of choice, as you would with any DAW's native plugins. That's if you decide you don't like Mixcraft. (I do!)


Other samplers are not hard to find. These are my two favorites. Your DAW probably has its own native solutions as well.

And if you find your samples are lacking punch, I personally find these three plugins to be the magic touch.

I stand by them wholeheartedly. Repping them for years at this point.



Cymatics Diablo Lite


KSHMR Essentials Kick



I swear by all three of these for my drums and will even use them for synths. The latter offer paid versions, of which I use Diablo religiously, particularly the width, clip, and tilt features. Essentials Kick is great as an all in one, best for single channels. SlamPup shines in its dry/wet, particularly when pushing drums hard to bring out sustain and dirty things up.

Cymatics Origin is another great quick and dirty plugin. When used to its full potential, it can breathe life in and out of a track, even craft transitions before and after the master, like I did here, with it on the master bus as well as almost every track in the mix.


And if you are stuck on a trial version of your DAW, or god forbid using a mobile or browser based DAW, try these before you throw your hands up entirely



Reaper - great DAW, offers an unlimited "evaluation period" (trial) which will allow you to use the product indefinitely -- what a deal!

Cakewalk - free, and pretty good at that, what more need I say?


Reaper also comes with a host of great plugins which you can yeet into your main DAW, such as precise EQs and compressors.

And that about rounds off my list. Have any favorites? If you found anything this week, drop it in the comments!

You can check out my recent projects below. (yes, hip-hop)



Other stuff I'm working on

-free metal cymbal sample/sample instrument, alpha stages, may hire a programmer for sforzando

-Voice acting and music requests for Reduce Team Animations -- check out @Mejson @MATRVG @MariogD

-Never heard before t.A.T.u. AI originals and translation covers like this one, and this one

-Wrapping up NGUAC and NGADM Judging

There's more behind the scenes, but that's the big stuff.


It's beat banging season over here in the Mississippi sticks. I'm open for commissions on beats, samples, and mastering. Paid work will always come first. Discuss initially via PM is preferred.


Anything already up on my Newgrounds as well as my samples are always free to use with prod/sample credit, unless stated otherwise at the source. That goes for covers, remixes, games, and movies, as long as you share alike.


No samples are to be sold in whole or in part as part of a paid sample pack, or redistributed without my permission. That means don't rip samples off of my pack and toss them in another one without asking me. If you want to do that, request permission and give production credit.

 Special thanks and acknowledgements


Big thanks to my patrons on ko-fi and Patreon, which I recently got set up properly for tips. Your support inspires me to keep doing what I'm doing and eventually will mean I'm able to do this stuff full time. From now on, patrons will be listed in the credits of my submissions on and off NG. So if you really enjoy what I do and wanna pitch in, drop me a tip!


Other ways you can help out are to subscribe to my Youtube, drop a like or a comment, or add me to a playlist. Every little bit helps. Don't worry, let me know and I'll return the favor!


That's all for now. Ciao!

Thanks to: @MariogD, @MATRVG, @CyberDevil



Posted by ADR3-N - May 21st, 2023

This week I made an English version to t.A.T.u's 2003 Eurovision entry, Ne Ver Ne Boisya, as the only others I could find were not official or lacking in quality. Did a quick little music video out of clips... and it absolutely exploded.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Some details about the project:

I completely remade the instrumental since the original had artefacts when I removed the vocals. There are new drum fills. The only original files leftover would be some cymbals and FX.

The vocals are all performed by me, through my AI model, which you can find on my YouTube channel and google drive there, and it was really, really hard. Lyrics are translated by myself into English, without use of a machine excepting I did need a thesaurus. I tried to stay as close to the literal intent of the original as possible, including pronunciation by both Lena and Julia.

It took about 12 hours to remake, including writing lyrics, singing, and mixing and mastering. I am now flooded with requests, but if anyone wants to jump on the train and help me make more stuff like this, given it's not the usual dump an acapella into AI and call it a cover, reach out! Definitely excited to collab.

Other news/projects I'm working on at this time

Voice acting and script work for @Mejson, @MariogD and @MATRVG's respective series, Counter Stick, Reduce, Line of Work, etc. You can expect these to come down the pipe at some point. More voice actors is always better. HELP WANTED ;)

@trunotfals has an absolute metal head banger you can expect to come out soon, with vocals from yours truly and @FarFromSundown. It will be a treat uwu

Also cooking up a super sekrit Sketch Collab down on @Troisnyx's discord for the earworm Can You See the Clouds Divide. ETA god only knows but I'm excited. If you're not on that server, go join it now. It's a cool place to hang.

I am surprised this one doesn't have more derivative works. What a banger.

And aside a myriad of requests and commissions, we have after so many years passed 500 fans (thank you @colizza!), I started using twitter again, I'm single again, and that's about it. I'm open for collabs and all of the above, minus dating. I think that's off the table for a while and I still have some breakup songs to put out meantime lol. What are you guys up to lately?



Posted by ADR3-N - April 27th, 2023

EDIT: Model is now public! https://drive.google.com/file/d/148HzDd_SRnpHNhWykth7qCp80FZelsVi/view?usp=sharing

So, t.A.T.u has been broken up for 5ever. No new music, no features.... UNTIL NOW cough wonders of AI cough

I'm like a kid in the candy store.

This is a single I made by ACTUALLY singing into so-vits-svc with a model I trained from studio acapellas and raw recordings. Which is a big deal because my laptop is old now and I have avoided python for a reason LOL

What do you think? Would you mistake this for the real thing?

Get the lyrics and DL from YT description



Posted by ADR3-N - November 6th, 2022

Hey guys, hope all is well. Last time you saw me was probably for NGUAC 2022 judging, a mini snare in my news posts, or the free ADREANALINE sample pack, or maybe even how to use MuseScore soundfonts in your DAW. Well, today I'm here to announce not one but TWO sfz sample instrument projects: Saudade Drums Remastered, the CTK-2400 Project, and loads of other free stuff!

Demo Track:

So before I write a text wall, we got:

  • 1 rescued and refurbished metal drum sample pack, sf2 conversion
  • 1 paid phonk/vaporwave keys sample library, sfzs, sf2s
  • 1 sample instrument pack demo + sample recordings

SFZ and SF2 are free, easy to use sampler formats. To use these instruments, you will need an sfz player such as plogue sforzando. There are plenty of other (free) options -- don't be afraid to google!

But that's it for preliminaries! What are these free instruments of which I speak?

Introducing SAUDADE Drums Remastered!, a metal drum library rescued from the jaws of hell, or wherever else abandoned wav files go to die.


This pack was created to resolve issues with the now orphaned Saudade Drum kit, add accessibility for non-kontakt users, and provide options for those who don't like the way the initial kit was programmed but don't want to spend 45 minutes perfectly programming a third party sampler (me). Noise cancelling and additional post-processing has been applied to reduce unwanted noise captured in the recording process, making the samples crisp and squeaky clean!

Saudade Drums Remastered includes:

  • 11 velocity layer kick
  • 16 velocity layer snare
  • 6 layer rack tom
  • 7 layer floor tom
  • Original Kontakt 5 nki
  • 1 sf2 instrument, and 5 presets


  1. free player engine
  2. less RAM use than Kontakt
  3. intelligent noise reduction applied to all samples
  4. sf2's multiple available kick pitches offer more realistic and longer rolls
  5. load and pan 9 tom sf2s individually, for half the RAM of Kontakt
  6. edit programming yourself if you aren't satisfied!


Kit History:

Saudade Drums was a metal drum Kontakt instrument and sample pack sold by Unwavering Studios, designed to bring mix-ready percussion right to your DAW. It was orphaned when the studio dropped off the face of the internet some years later and now only lives on as a demo on mega.nz. (VulturesOverhead FB, defunct)


Albeit for the most part making good on its promise, the pack remained accessible only to those patient enough to program a sampler or buy Kontakt to use, and the samples themselves contained a hefty amount of white noise with fairly obvious cutoffs. I decided to program an alternative kit as well as apply my own processing. The result is as you see here, lean, mean, and pristine!

Download Saudade Drums Remastered! (google drive)



In keeping with their name, Saudade, portuguese for an almost indescribable nostalgic longing, they are more suited to average and slower tempo compositions, but I have programmed the sf2 so that faux round robin rolls can be achieved with neighboring notes in most cases, and I'm sure blast beats could be programmed decently. The quality of samples is rich and particularly suited to metalcore and ballads.


I think the samples speak for themselves. Be sure to check out the demos and original files linked below. If you have questions or for whatever reason are not satisfied, don't hesitate to reach out!


Original Files for comparison:

mega.nz (subject to disappear)

And now, introducing the CTK-2400 Project, my first real sample instrument since that 70s Shit, and the first Casio CTK-2400 library ever. Go ahead and see, there is not one single CTK-2400 sample, library, or instrument on the market!

CTK-2400 Sample Instrument

I also make gaudy thumbnails for those interested (pm me) but back to business!!!

About the Instrument

The CTK-2400 was a keyboard manufactured in 2014 by Casio as a learner's piano on a budget. It has 61 keys, 400 wacky tones, a sample function, and no velocity controls.


Forgotten Gem?

The sound of the CTK-2400 is quite hard to come by. Try to find a sample pack or emulator. You can't! The presets are hallmarks of a bygone era. As a rompler, it plays eerily close to the cheap RadioShack keyboards of the 80s and 90s, making it perfect for synthwave, phonk, and vaporwave production, and a lot of fun given the right patches and some experimentation.

Here's the best demo I could find at the time I recorded all of the samples! Doesn't it sound like an N64 Emulator?


How the CTK-2400 Project came to be

I decided to make my own sample pack after spending some time alone with a broken keyboard, now affectionately named Catie, that had been handed to me by Wayne Williams, owner of the famed Meridian Underground Music. Despite comparatively basic features, a new or used keyboard still retails anywhere from 50 to 250 dollars. What a steal!


So I got it working initially as a toy for my girlfriend's four year old son, who we watched dive-bombing her the moment she was screwed together enough not to fall apart.

Well, so much for that. She survived. I found a preset I liked, then two, then four. I wanted the best of both worlds, a toy for our son and a soundbank I could use without lugging around physical copies. That meant taking samples. A few recordings quickly grew into 20 instrument monoliths using a rubric from pianobook. The results were so good, I wanted to share them with you all, and the rest is history.

There are two versions, a free demo, and a paid version bc I haven't received my retirement pay, and I still have rent. :')

CTK-2400 free DEMO (google drive), 5 instrument patches, 20 unedited monolith recordings

You can download the free version here, no usage limitations or bull shittery, with the exception that if you make a demo and I dig it, I'll feature your music AND give you the full version, free! (up to 3 really sweet demos, because the struggle is real -- but if you really can't afford it, we can haggle!)

If you want more presets than those offered in the demo, you can noise cancel recordings on your own, and you know how to use sfz making software, you should be golden beyond the time it takes to make instruments by your lonesome. The included monoliths are the same as included in the full pack below!


  1. Sfz says "missing files" but I have all the files downloaded!
  • Move the offending sfz into "Instr" folder
  • If problem persists, open the sfz file with SFZed (sforzando: "open in text editor" button)
  • load/ADD samples from the **correct** CTK-2400 folder
  • force feed/REPLACE them to the sfz that is giving you the error
  • profit???

This is the only problem with the pack I've come across myself. Typically happens after moving the folders.

Let me know if you have any issues with this demo and I'll be happy to help. :)


Full Version Details ($15)

Contains 287 MB of the very best presets from the board, recorded in high quality wav for maximum pitch play and denoised in RX7. The samples have been assigned to 14 programmed sfz and sf2 instruments for play with Plogue's free sforzando software.


20 unedited monolith recordings

1 sfz template to make your own instruments with samples

10 sfz instrument programs

3 programmed sf2 instruments


Each sample has been carefully trimmed, without any post-processing beyond noise reduction, so that you are free to color the sound as you like. That means high quality digital garbage sounds, all of which you are free to make your treasure.



  • presets have been expanded from 61 to 120+ key range
  • polyphony greater than 48 notes now possible
  • keys now velocity sensitive, greatly expanding instrument use
  • unlike other lo-fi rompler keys, presets based on multiple samples
  • no copyright block; you will retain FREE updates for life, so save your access key!

I hope you have as much fun with this library as I did making it. I want to have some product demos by the end of the year, so let it be said, if you are a verified buyer for this product and submit a quality demo (up to 3 demos), I will not only feature your music but offer you 100% off the next two products of your choice to be released. For those using the DEMO version, you will receive a free copy of the CTK-2400 Project!



No one is going to come after you for using CTK sounds in a composition. Hardly anyone knows it exists. Do as you like!

Payment Details:

To limit spam, please contact me via PM if interested in the full CTK-2400 project library, or any other sampling/instrument commissions. I accept Venmo and CashApp. I will never ask you for payment via another Newgrounds account, or ask for your address or any other personal information.

Special thanks and gifts:

@Anthonyragus @ImCold @Lordandiso @NebulaTrax @ko0x, as a much belated prize for finishing in the NGUAC top five, you will receive a PM with your own full copy of the CTK-2400 project, priority requests and lifetime updates included.


$5 OFF: If you have been a follower of mine for longer than 6 months

$5 OFF: you created a NEW Newgrounds account to inquire about payment details (must have verified no other accounts)

$2 OFF: @ a friend, stacks up to 3

Special thanks to those who have supported me throughout the years: @TaintedLogic @Seth @Troisnyx @LexRodent @CyberDevil, PM me if interested in your own free instruments pack!

As always, share if you like, and drop any requests or ideas you have in the comments. @slowfreq, I remember you mentioning you were in need of good snares -- I have yet to put out a sample pack for that just yet; what genres are you looking for?

Love you guys and hope you enjoy!



  • sample libraries
  • soundfont instruments
  • sample processing
  • mastering

Pricing dependent on volume and time constraints. PM for details.



Posted by ADR3-N - May 21st, 2022

After my last experiment importing MuseScore drumline instruments into Sforzando (how to), I got bored and made a tiny snare -- little, crunchy, and most importantly not a machine gun. Can anybody test it for me?

I enjoyed doing this so much, I'd like to do some more expansive projects, but I want to iron out the kinks of sharing them in a format that works for everyone before I go through days of making a more expansive kit.


Get it here on Google Drive.

Details on use and installation in the README.

Let me know if you have to do any reconfiguring before popping it into your DAW. If you have ideas for better packing and programming, let me know!




Posted by ADR3-N - November 12th, 2021

Hey, just dropping in with some updates. (and a word to the wise, don't update your skyrim if you have mods. cough)

I found this in my email. Slate Digital just dropped literal GIGABYTES of free samples -- just log in or create an account. No idea how long the giveaway is supposed to last, so get 'em while they're hot!

I scooped up a smoking 808 pack, several drum and loop kits, and saw there's some pretty sweet vocal chops right there for the taking. The vintage 808 and 909 packs hiding at the bottom of the page are too good to pass up, and I'm pretty sure I've seen them on sale at some point. Definitely worth the snagging. All royalty free.

Drop a comment down below if you see anything I might have missed, tag a friend in need, and check out Octoberlist if you haven't already. You never know what might still be hanging around. ;)


ALSO, before I forget!

I didn't intend this as a self-adertisement, but if I don't say it now, I never will. I've been quietly working on a project just for you guys, so if you're reading this right now, thank you. This is for you! <3

I'm coming out with a sample pack, available free from Google Drive

[Adreanaline - BETA V.02]

What's included?

808s, drums, basses, loops and stems from tracks both recent and unreleased, as gritty and freak nasty as you've come to expect from me. Everything is packed in standard folders with sensible naming conventions for easy drag and drop sorting. Edited in RX7 for cleanliness, aimed primarily at hard hip-hop, industrial, and lo-fi junkies.

Basically, the kind of samples I wanna buy.

What's NEW?! (Nov 15 V. 02 Update)

Japanese traditional instruments and percussion for lo-fi samurai beats, Japanese sho, temple chords, 2 new vocal samples, hits and FX. Dry and reverbed Noh hits of varying pitches and lengths from live recordings, 1 olskool 90's woo.

These are just a few of what I remember. Of course there are gaps in the library since I'm making it as I go along, but what that means for now is that for the price of absolutely nothing, you could sound like THIS


All with the click of a piano roll, or however it is you prefer to play your samples. Drop them in the DAW and chop it olskool for all I care. If you found something from a previous track you like, I can go get it, assuming it still exists.

So if I only used this pack, how would it sound?

A little something like this :)

More demos coming soon...

Putin samples unfortunately not included because мне лень. Obnoxious dubstep wap-waps and marching band shit is in the bag, and did I mention unreleased loops and dirty, DIRTY bass?


The world is your oyster. Do whatever you want with the sounds except selling or passing them off as your own work.

Currently the 489 mB pack is only available on Newgrounds and Google Drive, and I might keep it that way.

If you like it, feel free to tip me on ko-fi, or support me on Lum. I'm not sure if I'd sell it outside this community beyond pay-what-you-want. That takes effort to set up a store, and I'm the type to say fuck it, save your money for medical bills and student loan debt. Just promise you'll be careful. These basses will break your mama's vases, and possibly melt your face off.

Ps: I'm looking for someone to design a fancy photoshop box cover, because Newgrounds artists gotta eat. PM me if you take Venmo for commissions. :3

That's all for now! Will add further freebies past this line. Share if you like, and lemme know what you think!


More freebies! - Nov 15

FluffyAudio - Xaxophone, see also a sick free koto!

Audio Plugin Deals - Cinematic Tension FX, free for the next 48 hours! (Nov 18 at freak o'clock)