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What's In Your Closet? Everything About the Johnny Scandal

Posted by ADR3-N - September 21st, 2023

This post is subject to removal or redaction at any time in order to protect the real life identities of persons involved. It is illegal to harrass or slander these individuals.

EDIT 09/22: The victim and her partner have released further statements under duress regarding this issue.

It is so much WORSE than the rest of what you may read below, which remains unaltered with the exception that files aside from the now redundant text file have been removed.

I was absolutely disgusted by what I saw and completely concede all former assumptions about any claims of the victim and her partner (alleged grooming is no longer simply alleged), my doubts of the utter depravity of Johnny (exposed to an extreme degree), and that my further statements in this matter are and have been completely irrelevant and unwanted.

Johnny is an absolute depraved, lying, manipulating bastard. I am more than willing to testify in court as to his lack of remorse and callous disregard for anyone but himself, and at this point personally believe he used what he knew of my online sexual harassment, our friendship since 2016, and how I would BELIEVE his regret about reminding me of said trauma to garner sympathy or some sort of support -- because I confided in him that as a minor I did engage enthusiastically online with pedophiles. Probably gave him some kind of kicks, by the looks of it.

It follows that I have played right into his hand. This has caused further harm to the victim, justifiably dragged my name through the mud, and for that I take whatever comes with it.

Beyond that, the only potentially relevant items from this post and the aforementioned Read.txt are the address to pedophiles and groomers, why victims do not and should not have to be spotless lambs to be blameless in such cases as this, and the names and history of my own sexual abuse on Newgrounds and other sites. My statement pro-contact minors are a danger to themselves and need support and protection as such stands.

In regards to the victim's statements, I dispute only the claims I have any active alts (Newgrounds staff will be able to check this), or motive for Johnny's return to online life, or desire to prevent legal turmoil that likely will result from his actions. I certainly wouldn't have included evidence he paid a minor for sexual favors if I supported him. Nor would I include the evidence provided by the victim and Arnozy, or Shal. I have just seen that Johnny requested EDIT permissions to this document, which I of course did not grant. I would not be surprised if it, the document provided by the victim, and my text document are reported for "violating Google policy"

My only intention, which is irrelevant, was to examine the entire narrative from an unbiased point of view. The victim has accomplished better than this, in incredible detail. We clearly see absolutely NOTHING Johnny ever had to say beyond actually exiting online life instead of watching his world crumble was worth wasting breath on.

I wanted Johnny to at least admit what he had done, for how long. We have seen where that went. A waste of time. Further, I sought to demonstrate that Johnny need not be a monster and the victim need not be a saint for his actions to be preventable, wrong, and deserving of jail time.

This much is still true. She shouldn't have had to post anything but the dick pics he sent and his aliases, and that should have been enough.

Additionally, after reading the statement of the victim, I realized I had uploaded the unedited versions of some screenshots received, inadvertently exposing the victim's discord username. She responded with a further body of evidence that is so unbelievably horrific, I struggled reading it, and I am ashamed to be part of the reason you felt the need to write it. I have removed the files as there is no need for them and will not be speaking of or contacting either individual after this point per implied request.

The situation is so much more awful than anyone could have imagined. No one should have to go through what Johnny put her through, the phone calls, the sexual favors, "edging", and the internet sex dungeon he took it upon himself to make. No one should have to deal with the amount of shame and self doubt as their abuser uses every avenue to ensure it keeps continuing, and to silence them when they finally speak out by any means necessary.

The victim did not and should not have had to show anything beyond those initial pictures for Johnny to deservedly lose everything he has built. He should stop playing sex games with kids online and go to prison for grooming, emotional abuse, libel, cybersex with a minor, indecent exposure, and soliciting/possession of child pornography. And he should stop acting like anyone should feel sorry enough to hear anything but his own admission of guilt.

Jesus Christ, Johnny, what the fuck. All I ever did was try to get you to admit what you have done and know why you acted the way you did. It was your decision to try and twist that around too. What can I say, I WAS warned and you literally did it to everyone else.

I really DO hope you go to therapy. In prison.

And to the victim lastly (I don't deserve the right to use your name), you should never be ashamed of what you did or what happened to you. I'm sorry that I entertained this piece of human trash and his slander, assumed anything he said to be correct about your relationship with Arnozi, and ultimately made your life that much harder. I thank you for exposing the fuck out of the man I thought was just a decent guy making multitudes upon multitudes of stupid decisions, and for proving me dead wrong about my assumptions about him, about your case, and him grooming you most of all. I'm so sorry for this to be the way I find out I was right, and your story of abuse is so much worse than my own.

You don't have to accept my apology, nor respond. I don't blame you, I don't judge you, and I hope to God you can get the help you need. If there is anything I can do besides shut my mouth, like testify on your behalf, provide any libellious statements of Johnny if you think them relevant for prosecution, I will do it. Again, I am so sorry to be in the same sentence as the man who did this to you.

Original post follows.


I hope in reading this analysis and my thoughts you understand why this post exists. It is not because I have any desire to protect Johnny. I don't. All of this information is more than enough to send him to jail.

It is because this day and age, we have this concept of GROOMING MINORS as the only instance in which minors will engage in sexual acts with adults, and the reason why minor victims cannot be seen as pursuant of encounters with adults (pro-contact minors). Persons talking about their childhood sexual abuse now feel like they must PROVE GROOMING in order to tell their story, because it is so, so embarrassing to tell.

I would argue that grooming minors is the very FIRST step on a long journey to pedophiles gaining access to easy victims. However, the effects of grooming are slow to accumulate and hard to understand.

Each minor is affected differently. Myself, I am not a universal model as has been pointed out, but my own experience with grooming began in 2005, or 2006. I hardly remember -- some of it will be detailed in my document, at the end. As I realized over the course of writing, I do still feel deep shame about my interactions as what would be termed a pro-contact minor, and about not releasing the names of those adult men I remember.

At the end of my document, the names of these men are released. I am still unsure of how I feel 17 years later. Perhaps, free.

EDIT: See images. I found even MORE of them after I wrote this and removed countless erotic stories written from that time.





But I have digressed. My point is that AFTER grooming, the psychology of children is incredibly well understood to change. The minor begins to seek out adults for sexual gratification, and this is not talked about nearly enough. As such, virtually none of them are able to get help.

I had men like this in my inbox. DAILY.




These minors deserve to be protected and understood. They need an extra push getting away from adults, because they don't want it. They may press their desires on unwitting adults (developmentally delayed, insecure, autistic) and then we have a situation as we see here, with Johnny and the victim -- and I will continue to refer to her as victim, because it sounds like that is what has occurred to her for a LONG time, victimization, to end up in Johnny's inbox.

EDIT: Johnny was not at all unwitting from the body of evidence presented. Original post continues.

My argument is and has always been that victims do not have to be perfect angels or even sympathetic characters to be recognized as victims, and the WHOLE story of pro-contact minors be safe for discussion. Move the Overton window.

Minors should be encouraged to pursue legal action against offenders, protect their identities, and that they don't need public approval to do so.

Measures need to be taken to protect them online, so that we do not have stories develop such as the one you are about to read. Mental health services need to be provided for these children, as well as education provided for adults, that these situations are ALWAYS wrong, no matter WHO PURSUES WHO, or who does what.

Warning: NSFW, discusses pedophilia, sexual text, grooming, blurred images of Johnny's penis.

What Happened: A few days ago, it was revealed that @ThatJohnnyGuy had an illicit sexual relationship with a minor. That minor, now 19, released with her boyfriend a trove of information regarding the sexting, images exchanged, and finally, alleged that she had been groomed by Johnny.

Later comments, additions to the dossier by Arnozi, and further responses from Johnny online made it clear that was barely scratching the surface of all that had happened. Several inconsistencies which will be discussed in the course of my own document were uncovered, as well as complicating factors to the case.

EDIT Sep 22: These inconsistencies were due to a rushed document according to Arnozi and are no longer relevant. Post continues.

Victim's and Arnozi's statements, subject to further additions. Complete with images.

Around that time and since, Johnny has released additional statements, half-admitted guilt, backpedaled, sworn to take legal action over libel (as seen in victim's doc and later mine), mulled over suicide, and in general done all the things a potential legal defendant SHOULD NOT DO, including share further screenshots of the conversation (which I was able to get my hands on) and more final statements.

EDIT: Sep 22, Johnny has removed all documents and information, is reporting documents others create. He has further removed posts and comment sections entirely.

Additional Evidence and Angles Emerging

The document below contains severely disturbing content, underage sex-work, monetary exploitation, explicit sexual themes. My intent in sharing this information is not to exonerate Johnny of his crimes in anyway, but to explore the wider picture of how this all happened, as well as why it is important to examine the entire facts in determining how to move forward.

EDIT: The files associated with this document are now redundant, as are some statements, such as those regarding grooming and the relationship of Arnozi and victim. Original text file. Post continues.

Its purpose is as a response to the discourse surrounding the victim's statements, Johnny's admission of guilt and proofs, resolving contradictory statements, and shedding light on a massively non-discussed topic which is the genesis of this affair: minors in online sex work (which I myself participated in from the ages of 11 to roughly 16).

In this document and accompanying screenshots, the genesis of his illicit relationship with minor victim is shown, motivations of both explored, and legal complications explored. It is by no means exhaustive, but it is the best idea of truth I think we will ever have.

EDIT Sep 22: These screenshots are irrelevant, as the victim has clarified the information to a stomach churning degree. Post continues.

Also included are the names and details of my own sexual exploitation as a minor, occurring here on NG and on TribalWars, Skype, etc.

To Johnny

I am still so beyond disappointed in what you have done. I still wish you would take accountability. More accountability. YES, you did have a sexual relationship with a minor online, and YES, knowingly. My friendship of years with you does not override that you have acted incredibly selfishly in this situation and committed serious crimes.

You may not have initiated this sexual relationship, but you allowed it to begin. No matter how manipulative a person is, or how poor your skills at setting boundaries are, you should at the very least know it will be prosecuted, and hopefully that steers you away from allowing it to happen. As you have mentioned countless times, you should have blocked her the instant you thought this was a possibility, and probably reported her for sexual harassment.

You deserve to lose everything you have built. I struggle to hear anything else. The only thing you don't deserve is death, dismemberment, and harassment. You're not a violent offender. You didn't actively seek minors to have sexual relations with online. But it still happened.

EDIT Sep 22: I retract the claims you didn't seek minors and not deserving anything, at this point. You've alienated perhaps the only person online who still cared about you. Congratulations.




nobody cares

I doubt you bothered to read, but this post is dedicated to the growing problem of pro-contact minors engaging in sex acts with men like Johnny, and nothing being done to get them out of those inboxes. That's exactly what happened here. It is not to defend Johnny. In fact, the information can easily be used for a legal case against him.

My point as a former victim of pedophiles and groomers on this website, we should be teaching the next generation to stay out of grown men's inboxes, as much as we expose the child predators that invite them in. As much as you don't care about anything except Johnny's crimes and what you think you know, the only solution that will stop child predation online is one that addresses both sides of the equation, stopping pedophiles from getting in contact with minors, and finding a way to stop pro-contact minors from getting in contact with pedophiles.

cracker ass yapping not reading this

Anyone else notice how pink the cock was? I'm just surprised is all.

Ah shit, read this over and I think you might be right, those kids just keep throwing themselves at the autistic pedophiles

I don't expect anyone to care, but I was at one point throwing myself at adult men online. Look up the definition of pro-contact minor. That's essentially what it is, and it is a severely disturbing trend as people attempt to normalize pedophilia.

@ADR3-N Because its redundant. You're just making yourself look all the more guilty and you're enabling Johnny. You're literally helping worsen his situation. People have reached out with solid advice to stop Johnny, and now its because of you that Johnny is literally burning more bridges and blocking his friends who actually care to see him get help.

You are not spreading awareness, you are helping this guy ruin his life.

NO SHIT should kids not be in contact with pedophiles and parents should be actively helping prevent this. A time and a place for that conversation though. Right now, you're damaging your credibility and reputation because it ONLY seems like you're trying to give Johnny a platform again by showing off his insane document. You look just as manipulative and messed up as he is.

So LITERALLY nobody cares. Nobody wants to hear it right now. Nobody is going to change their mind. This isn't "cancel culture", this is the law. This is a messed up girl that was taken advantage of. End of story. There is no "both sides" because Johnny cannot protest this. He doesn't realize the extent of his actions.

You are making the situation worse for him by making it seem like there could be a way out or that there is "more" to uncover. But there is no spinning it and nobodies minds will change. Choose to talk about this maybe another time or something, because this is dumb. Johnny is ruined now and his friends hate him because you pushed him down the wrong path.

He will not come back from this. Nobody will feel sorry for him. Nobody else will apologize. Its time for him to leave the internet. He can threaten suicide, he can try to control the situation all he wants, but he will not succeed in any of this. Nobody cares. Move on.

@Shal Johnny ruined his own life, and he deserves to lay in the bed he made. I'm not saying anyone SHOULD care for Johnny's latest woes. There is no way he can spin this around on anyone but himself. He knew it was wrong. If anything, I have pushed Johnny to admit his guilt and told him to stay far away from internet children. I'm so disappointed in all these years of supporting him to find out this is how he spent his time.

You're absolutely right that no one will care about anything else. I've been speaking on it for years, and it hasn't changed. The truth that not all pedophiles groom and not all victims are made to engage in sex acts is not really acknowledged, and the only part of the equation we know how to handle is the pedophiles. It's why it took me until this morning to release the names of the pedophiles that actually groomed me, the effects of which turned into actively seeking out adult men in my tweens and teens to send me money for, you guessed it, sexting.

We say it doesn't matter to perpetrators who initiated the sex crime, who did or asked for what, but we don't often enough say it to the victims. Victims SHOULD be able to say "I was a pro-contact minor. This adult and I had a sexual relationship, and he sent me money. I want to expose him now." She shouldn't even have to say that she ever realized the relationship was wrong. She shouldn't have to hide anything about what she did, because no matter what, she is not at fault. Someone should have said something about this a long time ago, and gotten her help.

@ADR3-N I am sorry you went through what you went through and I understand where you're coming from in trying to get at the root of the problem.

But its just really really really bad timing and it didn't help that Johnny clinged on to your stance in desperation towards possibly getting out of the situation. It was the first example he gave to me after turning down my proposition. Its a very sensitive situation and I think mostly right now, everyones biggest concern is the victim as well as seeing Johnny gone. Spreading awareness about these things should definitely come at another time. Sorry for being an asshole

@Shal It's okay. I'm also autistic, as bad as that sounds given anyone trying to assert that makes cybering a 15 year old somehow excusable. My understanding of when is the right time to talk about things as well is not all there, and I do struggle to communicate what I actually mean (as you can see). You're doing what you believe is right and I support that. I'm sorry if it sounded like I implied you didn't at all care about the victim's situation.

The only thing I don't want to see happen is people push Johnny to kill himself or try to take the law into their own hands. He needs to exit online life as you said and pursue therapy to understand what he did. I similarly don't want to see the victim think that just because of her history that she should be ashamed of herself in any way. That's not productive. Don't be sorry for what you said. I think it ALL needed to be said.

man, im so dissapointed, i was a big fan of the necromancer's theme and knowing that he did it, i'll just listen to it pretending that the song doesnt belong to him, i really hate pedophiles

I feel you. I used to love his music. Bought his albums, before all this happened. I haven't picked up those albums in a long time. I don't know if I will again.

@ADR3-N if you want to someday, pretend that its someone else's music lol, cuz i'll do with necromancer's theme xd ofc not forcing you

Yeah. On its face I'm okay with the idea of separating art from the artist. It's just hard. Johnny was a good friend of mine until this incident. I'm not sure how to feel. It's a lot.

@ADR3-N same here ngl, i didnt meet him that well but ik it will be really hard xc we'll just have to get used to separating those two

Just... thinking about when I was a kid, writing erotica online for men twice my age or more because they told me how. I don't know how long it will take not to think about that. I never, ever expected this from him. For years, we could talk about anything that bothered me and he would reassure me, and vice versa. I was associated with him publicly on NG too and repped him for judging all sorts of competitions like Art Inspired Music. He's touched a lot more in my life than just my music library, and now when I think about those things, I think about where we are now.

Look, I'm gonna be honest. I went through the document in its entirety and it kinda makes Johnny look even worse. I appreciate the inclusion of evidence I had previously demanded of you, but none of this is gonna wipe off Johnny's black stain (which you state clearly, I guess). I'm just kinda confused why you had to be so adamant about playing "contrarian carl" during this REALLY SENSITIVE MATTER! It made you look SUPER BAD and likely hindered any progress you wanted to make.

For the record, I did end up reading about how you were groomed. I'm genuinely sorry you went through all of that. I guess maybe this was all a way to vent the past you suffered through (and are likely still suffering). But you went about this in the WORST WAY POSSIBLE. You were erratic. You didn't consider how this would make you (or your case) look. I ended up shitting on you pretty hardcore because of it. And I probably contributed to atleast some of the hate you were getting. Your methods were wrong, but I do genuinely believe you are still suffering.

Unfortunately, no one is going to want to read through all you presented. And for me, that's not a victory.

I'm just so tired after all this. Nothing either of us has done is going to change the past. Johnny is still guilty as sin. The victim still needs help. All we can do is change for the present, and hope for a better future. I still don't agree with you on a whole list of things, but at this point, I'm done fighting.

Johnny is burning to the ground as we speak. I can live happily with that. I consider this feud over.

Agree to disagree.

I appreciate you reading my story, and I don't blame you at all for how you responded. It's how anyone would respond without knowing the details, which myself I wish I didn't know. They are strikingly similar (I think much worse) to what I went through, and anyone in their right mind would shit on someone they thought was defending online pedophiles. I take no offense, and haven't since you first wrote me.

I don't know what we can do to help except expose how prevalent this is online, report individuals soliciting minors or adults as it may be. Besides that, the only thing we can do is encourage victims and pro-contacts to get help.

First of all from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry you went through all this shit. I couldn't even read the posts you put in the images above without throwing up.

Second of all, regarding TheJohnnyGuy, I looked over all angles of this thing, read everything from all sides and well, I unfollowed him. This was all new to me as I have been seldom on and off, so I had to take the time to read all this as well as the other sides, come to my own conclusion and act accordingly. I would like to go on to say, I am sorry you lost a friend this way and that I hope things get better for you.

Thank you. There was so much that is not pictured here or is lost to time, and the fear anyone would find out about it was crippling. I still feel a tinge of guilt I took so long to just say it, and the circumstances of how it came out as others mentioned.

At the same time, I don't know how else I could respond, if there is a proper response to discovering your friend had a sexual relationship with a pro-contact minor, or how else to talk about this problem. All I know is the normalization of pedophilia today exists side by side with mobs shaming the very mention of pro-contact minors unwittingly endangering themselves, and I wish I knew what steps to take beyond getting them off the internet and into counseling by law. Stigmatizing pro-contacts evidently is not working.

It's funny how he used this post as some defense to himself and continued to throw the victim under the bus because she isn't a "perfect angel." He's so dense it's astonishing. Though I will say you're great for also calling out some of the weirdos who did the same to you. I've also been a victim of grooming only when I was around 11-13. And I did come on to them because I lacked any attention from my home life, resulting in me to looking to men to give me validation and that's a recurring theme in society that isn't talked about enough. It gives people with this gross mentality to write off these girls and boys as "fast". And he basically said that same thing about the victim. I usually dont feel sick reading stuff like that but the language he uses and how he wants to blame her if he does take her life is another level of appalling. It makes that younger part in me I lost long ago want to vomit and weep.

Johnny read this full post and thanked me for calling him out actually. It was so strange. Apologized to me, cried about what I (and the victim prior to meeting him) went through to become this way. Then said goodbye. I don't know how to feel about it. I just don't know. I really hope he stays off of the internet and doesn't stay to watch the fireworks.

Also, I'm so sorry you went through all of this too and know the utter shame. It isn't your fault. It never will be your fault. Just like it isn't her fault. The only thing we can wish in the future is better ways to protect these victims, and sometimes protect us from ourselves. As I was going through the many erotic stories I wrote, I was stupider than I thought, using real locations on occasion. Thank fucking God most of these men were too broke to come and sniff around, and the rest were across the world. I can't tell you how much porn I wrote here and offsite for adult men or how many chatlogs. I can only hope it's all gone now.

I hope you're okay now

Thank you. I have appended my response and final statement to the beginning of this post. Out of respect for the victim's wishes, only the text document remains of the original files, and it has been noted redundant.

I realized I had inadvertently uploaded the original (non-redacted) versions of some screenshots to the zip, revealing the victim's discord screenname. They are also removed. I take full responsibility for what anyone thinks of me and acknowledge all speculations or assertions I previously held about the body of evidence null and void in addition to irrelevant.

Instead of making a new post, so that this remains linked on Johnny's page for all to see, I have appended a final edit, so that if anyone looks here, they will see his crimes, and the fact he used yet another person to try and cover his tracks and get at the victim.

@the-great-one Oh, what a surprise, he is still watching the fireworks and deleted all the posts! Real shocker.

@EugeneDoesArt @Shal, I was so, so very wrong. See the top of this document, as terminally online Johnny is still reporting documents, removing posts, and once again trying to garner sympathy, and more than you would ever want to know about this case has developed. I retract all of my previous suppositions. You could not have been more right.

@The-Great-One dont ping me in this big bro cause Im aware of how this person conducted themselves in this situation before I replied. hate inserting myself in drama but it should be noted, this is someone from a similar background as me as well and probably victim and they are also coming to terms with this since it's someone they knew. People reason about the trauma they went through in different ways, and this isn't the most abhorrent I've seen since they aren't excusing it. It's worth it to meet some people where they are since they arent irredeemable monsters, unlike the johnny fuck

I appreciate the words in my defense but it really doesn't matter. Ultimately the things I shared resulted in Johnny's victim feeling she had to reveal much, much more about what had happened than she would ever have otherwise, even if none of the details I mentioned would lift a finger to help Johnny. And I can only imagine how that feels, if it took me from 2006 to 2023 to be able to release the gory details of my experience.

And hers is much, much worse with the details now released.

I might have lost a friend, found him out to be an utter monster, and lost trust in my ability to judge people after being so deftly used by a predator -- I might have to live with being wrong on a few counts and deserve any and all backlash resulting from that, but she has just spilled her entire recent sexual history and exited anonymity, and I am at least partly at fault as the person who was naive enough for him to pull all the right strings, regardless of my intent or beliefs, or what I have in effect said.

@ADR3-N and thats the thing. You should feel that way and you seem open to critics, so again its not worth brushing you off as a horrible person. As we grow its about acknowledging when you might of fucked up and where biases might be influencing your responses. Hell, everyone has a chance of getting duped by someone they know. This doesnt mean everyone has to forgive you but its a step forward to progress.

Well, you're right, I am open to critics. I'll be leaving up this entire post as more evidence of just how low Johnny is willing to stoop to cover his ass, as well as a well deserved formal apology.

@0chin Sorry. I just hit the reply button to ADR3-N. I didn't realize it pulled you in to it.


Its good to hear that you've come around. Welcome to the light.

I'll admit, I haven't read the new information (yet). There's just so much god damn dirt on Johnny as it stands. The rabbit hole never seems to end with him. But regardless, its good that you've made a retraction in your blog post.

I know that (at the time) you deserved a lot of the criticism you were getting, but I want to make something clear. You are just as much a victim of Johnny's manipulation. You confided in someone you trusted with sensitive details of your own traumatic past. That person betrayed you by manipulating your suffering for his own ends (poisoning the well). That is a betrayal so unimaginably cruel and evil, it beggars belief.

I'll confide a bit myself. Behind the scenes of my grilling sessions with you, I was beginning to go a bit crazy. I had people feeding me information, and it was my responsibility to verify that information as factual and valid. I felt immense fear that I might be jumping the gun, and missing the bigger picture. It was eating at me. That horrible feeling in your stomach, that everybody around you might be using you for their own agenda. That people could literally be manipulating your passion to further their own goals. That powerless feeling that I'm just some pawn in someone else's game. I experienced these feelings for an entire week, and I would never wish such a fate on my own enemies. I can't begin to imagine what it would be like to grow up in an environment, where that is your daily routine. The sorts of things you'd do just to survive. Horror beyond words.

And then I read your story and it broke me. At that point I didn't know what to believe (even with all the evidence on my side). I realized right then and there, I don't have the guts for this kind of investigative work. This single week has taken a year off my life span.

All of this to say, that I understand what it feels like to be in the wrong on a story. And that regardless of whatever backlash you may end up facing, that I hope you get through it in one piece.

I'll leave you with some final words of advice to help prevent you from being manipulated by another Johnny in your life:

1. Transactional relationships are more trouble than they are worth. On occasion you may have to deal with transactional people, but you can't build your entire friend group off of that. It would be like building a house out of cardboard.

2. You will know the true soul of a person at their lowest point. If a person feels they need to manipulate and control you as a coping mechanism for their hardships, cut them out immediately. They aren't worth shit.

3. Finally, never trust anyone at their word. Evaluate their actions first. If anyone says they love you, but are willing to put down others to prop themselves up, they will do the same to you in the future. Evaluating those early red flags will save you loads of trouble.

At this point, I've said all I can on this topic. I hope to God I never get dragged into another one of these stories, nor do I hope to talk anymore about Johnny (which I technically can't do anyway since he blocked me for spamming him with Peter Griffin ASCII art)

Thank you for your kind words.

There is so, so much more about Johnny's terminally online habits and so much you don't want to know in that document. I WISH the dick pic and the gross sexting was the worst of it. It isn't.

I'm just floored that this man who supported me for years emotionally, knows my real name, and virtually every detail of my past traumas, autism and disabilities would ARTFULLY use all of it to cast a shred of doubt on his depravity and no doubt get back at the victim. I'm sorry I ever met him, and sorry I let my history and the thought of him committing suicide after all this time let me think he might have a shred of regret beyond being caught or would ever admit fault. He used me to write a story, just like the rest of the pedophiles I approached as a child.

The advice you give, I thought to have already understood, but it goes to show the title of this is accurate. You never know the skeletons in someone's closet.

I'm sorry to hear the trouble I've caused, and that it has affected you and so many others this way.

It was hard to read all of that. Definitely you tried your best to describe it objectively. Hang on in there!

Thank you. I think I'll be okay in regards to the abuse I went through. It's just going to be hard to trust anyone online after Johnny. He made himself out to be this well-meaning, misunderstood sap who was genuinely trying to be better, who was sorry for hurting me and believed he deserved the hate he was getting. That couldn't have been more of a lie.

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