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Need VSTs? Feed Your DAW Some Of These!

2015-12-14 23:16:27 by ADR3-N

A while back, I posted up some samples and got some thank yous. Figured it was time I go on the hunt for VSTs. I may even upload some of the free ones I use -- can't seem to find them anywhere. Bulleted are a few to start with, and centered below the divider are some of my favorite places to go digging for more. Check it!

Also, as of 1/30/2017, you may subscribe to this post and/or send demos for any VSTs!

Free VSTs!

Extremely useful for seeking out undesired low frequencies and visualizing what measures you need to take to EQ your tracks into balance. Love this plugin.

The interface might be ugly, but it's possible to emulate many classic rock star's sounds, including Jimmi Hendrix.

Got a lot of free compressors there, great for side-chaining.

One of my personal favorites. Unfortunately, I believe Rez 2.0 has been discontinued. However, Rez 3 is quite nice. Multi-purpose lead here, but its basses are a strong point.

Probably the most versatile snare I've ever played with. Top and bottom mic, sub knob. What snare do you know of that has a SUB setting? Probably none. The velocity is a bit touchy, but I did use it in this track extensively in a layered snare. Worked fantastic.

A little quirky, but FM synths generally are. I do like to play with this one.

Like any of the Ugo VSTs, it can be a little weird to work with, but this little powerhouse can whip up some great, gritty results. 10/10 would recommend.

Descended from String Theory, developed by Ugo. String theory was a personal favorite of mine for arpeggios, atmospheric string sounds, metallic screeches, distorted guitar leads, and even orchestral bits. I've got a feeling this one will be a catch all for me once I figure it out. Someone try it and let me know if it plays nice, eh?

Downloads for Abakos, Adonis, and Texture, which are great for pads, basses, and fx. Abakos, of course, is my favorite, but it's hard to work with the wonky chording of some of its presets. I always try and play with that one first when I use it.


Ugo VSTs

VST Warehouse



SUBSCRIPTIONS: @littlemisfortune

Hope you found something to catch your ear. Until next time!

1/30/2017, added Black Noh Snare entry. Introducing demos.
Alphabetized categories. Touched formatting lightly.
Will add updates from @Mich's comment with more demos.


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2015-12-14 23:38:25

dank u so much edm364 now one day i will be able to make amazing music like you :D

not likely because you're very talented at what you do but you know what I mean

ADR3-N responds:

You're welcome, and thank you. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you on that jazz piece -- I just remembered. And it's been ages too. I just got back to NG


2015-12-14 23:43:17


but hey, it's cool. I have something even more awesome in mind. I will browse your Disco Graphy and find something interesting. And yeah, I'll pay for the rights if I must. :^)

ADR3-N responds:


Ah, don't worry about the pay -- only if it makes more than YouTube or NG chump change, ya know? You're a friend. If you want something specific, I'm in the bedroom studio now, so to speak, and should be until holidays are over for me.


2015-12-15 00:26:53

VST virtual studio tech?
DAW digital audio workstation?
I'm so behind the times :( Should probably see if Goldwave is still around, I had a demo version donkey's years ago, could make that program dance.

ADR3-N responds:

VST -- virtual instrument plugin
DAW -- yes

Goldwave? Similar to famitracker? Or?


2015-12-16 18:24:11

@optimize @LexaHergon @Psybot @Step @diesezme @EdKempeper

I'm sure you know about some of these VSTs already, but I'm going to try and occasionally update this post with more good free VSTs as I find them. M-Theory is well worth looking into for a plucked string modeler that supports plucking, bowing, gate arpeggios, etc. Rez is quirky but can produce a range of leads, percussive noises, and basses. Abakos is great for atmosphere. Figured you all may want to check these out when you have time. :)


2015-12-17 04:06:59

Nice stuff, I'll be sure to check them.
You may wan to check this site, it has 5 free Japanese VSTs all of them very nice the 8-bit chip emulator works wonders.

ADR3-N responds:

Thanks! Gonna check them out asap. Gonna ty to get around to a reply today. Unpacking stuff from moving out of my dorm


2015-12-17 09:55:00

Thank you very much ! ;)

ADR3-N responds:

No prob. You have any you might like to add to the list?


2016-01-27 12:34:03

OMG here it is. Thank you. I saw the link to this post on your signature in the audio forum where you recently posted. Thank you, I will give some of these a shot.


2016-03-24 20:59:57

Which side chain joint on that page is ideal for Mixcraft? I'm looking for one I can apply to two (or more) different tracks, where one can be the input (drums that I want to be more punchy) and the other(s) the output (what I want to fade for the said drum kick).

ADR3-N responds:

Did you ever get Sidekick to work?


2016-12-13 05:56:06

I couldn't even get a legit download of Sidekick. The only thing I could see working for me is to crank bass and kick to almost max and use Broadcast Multiband. It would effectively sidechain the two (semi-half-assedly). I export that as WAV and import the kick and bass wav into my project. But that's too much work. I usually just find a kick in a different bass range than the bass.

ADR3-N responds:

There may be a few alternatives, or if you're lucky like me, find a version that's not a trial or w/e. Or you could use some sort of gate filter to do the volume ducking for you.


2017-01-30 11:37:09

I really like the free offering from The Color Space (here on VST4Free): http://www.vst4free.com/index.php?dev=The_Colorspace

Particularly The CS Cloud and The CS Piky are gems, haven't explored the other ones much.


Cygnus:http://www.vst4you.com/pages/vst%20instruments/cygnus.html Lets you create some wonderfully sparkly ambient FM sounds


Wollo Fmera isn't very versatile but it creates some wondefully lush pads; I used it extensively on my 2011 album "Limitless" http://wollo.com/vst.htm - more free VSTs on there too, which I haven't tried.

ADR3-N responds:

Oh sweet -- I have got to check these out. I'm still at EMCC campus right now seeing off my bud in the library, but I was smart enough to bring an overnight laptop and headphone combo, hahah. None of the PCs at the school have working headphone jacks.

Could you point me to some examples of the pads in any works you have here? I'm thinking of adding annotated demos to the list and that would be stellar!


2017-01-30 11:38:17

Oh and uh, credit to @SineRider for recommending most if not all of these to me years back.


2017-01-30 12:17:34

I think Wollo Fmera is what I used for the main pad in "Moon": http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/378279. The CS Piky is the only synth used in, well, erm "Piky": http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/415947

I don't think I had actually used the other ones much yet, but I'm working on a little tune that uses Cygnus and the CS Cloud currently.

ADR3-N responds:

Great! I'll give it a listen.

Also, if you haven't tried out Black Noh Snare, which is on here I used it in this track I'm about to link -- layered with @cank's VOPM snare sample from ages ago to get a little more oomph on the quieter velocities. I think I may still have that on NG dump. The video has since been deleted from YT though I think -- the SEGA genesis tutorial. Black Noh is a sort of natural sounding snare with a top and bottom mic, as well as a sub knob for punch.

"I Stand In Awe Of Your Light"

The rest of the synths used are noted on the track itself, namely Acoustica Melodic Toms 2 and about 44 different Nexus instruments I compiled into basses, pads, strings, etc. Nexus is far from free but I suppose I prefer it because the presets are varied enough to choose one, work on fine tuning it into a natural and pliable sound, and compile more natural strings than I could otherwise with the library I have. It also has a pretty decent collection of analog-ish sounds, which I like. I'm not as great with Massive as I am Nexus.


2017-01-30 12:52:45

@LexaHergon @Voltage @VicariousE @EdKempeper @cank -- this list of VSTs has been updated, somewhat minor atm, but @Mich commented some VSTs as well you might like to check out! Also, if you would like to subscribe to updates, lemme know. :)


2017-01-30 15:43:07

Thank you very much ! Almost forgot this list. Could be a great help when you run out of inspiration ;)

ADR3-N responds:

Any time. If you know any free synths and effects you like, drop me a link :D


2017-02-10 17:58:07

Very cool! I can't focus on music production earlier this year but it's certainly on my agenda later, possibly after the wedding season

ADR3-N responds:

When is wedding season? :0


2017-02-12 19:21:59

Wedding season's like late spring to early fall. Not forever, but I'll be bored during/after then :D

ADR3-N responds:

Ahh, so basically just keeps you busy. I should still have an open schedule for about the next year or so. Just working on fixing some life issues I mentioned in my latest podcast but I'll be on the search for new vsts and fx while working on my albums.


2017-05-02 06:32:07

Bookmarked this page, thanks, some of these look very interesting. Kinda glad I'm out of weddings, but do miss preeeety much everything else I used to video produce. A lot's changed since the late 20th

ADR3-N responds:

No problem. Hope you have some fun with it :)

How did you end up with that gig in the first place? Must have been interesting.