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Art Appreciation Post

Posted by ADR3-N - August 25th, 2018

Yo, I only came here for one thing
Ya girl Seven need a diamond ring I think
the way she got me trippin with her art skills
Imma show you what she sent me, talking pixels

I got me some strawberries; she drew me a squirrel
Now I'm trippin' for syllables, out of this world
@HeadMistressSeven -- I appreciate you
Got my feels to eleven, post so overdue!


Haha, seriously though, I showed my mom. She digs. Now I have to find something to send back to you LOL.


Comments (14)

Hahahaha I'm glad you got everything!!!

I tried to get a better shot but for some reason the single pictures are forever sideways. I got them a while ago but wasn't able to post for a while. What type of stuff would you want back? I've got a lot fewer pieces to choose from but like, what fandoms do you follow? I recall I did a small lead portrait of Greed from FMA a couple weeks after my stepdad died in 2012

@HeadMistressSeven @ADR3-N I will leave it totally up to you! Whatever you feel led to send ...or whatever ya wanna get rid of!

Alrighty. Next time I hit the post office I'll be sure and send something your way :)

Well this was awesome. :) Gets me wondering if there might be something on route hmmmm, shipping times be longer here...

I'm sure there is. Her memory is way better than mine!

Also, it took me about 2 or 3 weeks to get something out of Europe, and it was a little beaten up. Be sure to mention me if and when you do get anything. I still have to rustle up the cash/art to send something back

I'ma have to write up a verse when I get mine too. Nice one.

I would eat the squirrel glazed from the berries bon apite

That actually doesn't sound too bad so long as it's rabies-free

@RedeyestheSecound @ADR3-N but females cant eat them or they will have deformed babie with large knee caps and no thumb nail its called the small petila disease only 100,000 -50,000 got it

Wait is this a real thing :o

You became a supporter! :D

Yeah I'm about a month overdue -- @LittleMisfortune gifted me a sub last year for our anniversary :P

@RedeyestheSecound @ADR3-N @ADR3-N yes its called small pentilia disease

I'll have to look that up. But honestly my whole family has eaten squirrel so we should in theory have it

@RedeyestheSecound @ADR3-N @ADR3-N Yuck lol well maybe you guys ate the good ones idk but it cause your thumb nails only to grow out to 1/3 over regulag nail and knee caps are on the side instead of middle of knee the out side and elbows cant straight out the look like a obtuse angle open widely but it can never straight also I cant run longer than half a mile hard or I will pop my knees and walk with clicking knees for next month so first 5 years of school I was learning that then 4 years after that I had to find wways to avoid running

Oh ouch, that sounds horrible! Luckily none of us have contracted any diseases but I blame part of that on not eating any of the brain matter

Yeah, I remember getting a Christmas card in January earlier. :) Or maybe even later... travel times vary greatly. Will do!

did u die or something

Wonder if you'll be back some day... it's been a while! Hope you're doing OK.


He's back