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AIM2018, Official Playlist, and NG Review Crew Updates! Also, Personal Announcements!

Posted by ADR3-N - June 19th, 2018

It's that time again, ladies and germs!

Today, June 19, 2018, we are officially past the half-way point to enter the most efficacious, audacious, occasionally pugnacious AIM2018! Deadline July 8th. See @RealFaction's recent podcast and his response to my review for details.

Note: There have been some rule changes since the AIM2018 FAQ was recorded. Vocal sample packs are allowed, provided you chop them up, don't use any lyrics (this composition is supposed to be 100% your original work!), and essentially use it like you would any choir or vocal stab VST.

Enter here!
Discuss here!

There's tons of prizes and a lot of fun to be had. Just remember, somebody's gotta inherit these bad boys from me, and that somebody could be you...


if you meet the deadline... and win first place. At such point I'll send 'em to ya, along with a nice personal letter with hearts and stuff, because you make me happy.

Without further ado, here is the playlist I promised -- which essentially functions like a normal list, but with cool pictures and a descrip -- with the added benefit that someone, namely me, will constantly be there to auto-update it for you and notify you in the comments weekly, provided you're a member of the NGRC or choose to subscribe. ;)

Here ya go. Check it! 

1726297_152938367731_ngbbs5b260200d7b09.pngArt by @Nalem, also for sale, with or without text!

Buy Artwork with Text
Buy Artwork with NO Text

As for the Review Crew, here's your first roster, made by @ChronoNomad, filled by yours truly.

@AceMantra @Big-Boss @Cyberdevil @HeadMistressSeven @I0ta @littlemisfortune @PhantomCritic @Troisnyx


Not too shabby, if I do say so myself -- but it's not like I can take too much credit. :P

Next roster should have change stats. Lemme know if I missed anyone, and I'll be sure to update the screenshot. This was the best way I figured to spread the sheet, no pun intended, without anyone with a link being able to edit it.

Also should have a roster by @byteslinger for those of you who love your @Auz lists at some point in the future. No rush on that one though. Meantime you can go and drop your username at NGStats. Pulls monthly.

I'll be back on the first of next month with another update, with an announcement on the 8th so get reviewing!

Subfam: @BlueAlpha14 @CyberDevil @littlemisfortune @maorrichan @RealFaction @Xtrullor

Quick personal note, I'm about half-way through all my PM's, and I've decided I will start on Patreon. Already got some cool stuff written up there. If interested, check here. First goal is $400, total, for a new PC so I can release projects again. Also got a poll up with some extra info about said projects so please do go vote.

Full NG announcement and discuss to come later, but consider this a preview. :)

Ps, those of you who would like to help me fix my computer situation but don't exactly have monies, I am still doing that 20 reviews per referral jig. 20 constructive reviews for a 10 cent tip at no cost to you. Starving artists, ya can't beat it. All you have to do is sign up here with a spare email, confirm, and shoot me a PM so I know who you are.

Should decide you wanna make some extra dough to afford those fancy studio monitor headphones or whatever like I've snagged in the past, huge bonus, I am willing to teach the tools of the trade, proof of earnings included. At some point I intend to write a review and a howto, since cashout minimum is like a dollar, and who doesn't need an extra dollar every now and then?

But anyway, enough about me. We got stuff to do. Go go go check out that playlist! :*


Comments (14)

Good post, thanks! Though you may want to add the store links to nalem's art available for purchase.

Buy Artwork with Text: https://tinyurl.com/y8d4cmx8
Buy Artwork with NO Text: https://tinyurl.com/y8bm6f23

Thanks. Gonna put that up there!

@RealFaction Would have included more and bigger images like gifs but this time of night, 3 is about what my upload speed can sustain without timing out. Darn HughesNet.

Love ya, man!

@ADR3-N aww love you too. It's fine i think the post looks fine as it is, the images are pretty big lol.


Also, man, you are constantly popping out new content. You're a machine! How do you do it?

Have you got the 1700 dollars for your house yet?

Not from GoFundMe, no -- we still lack quite a bit, but one of my mom's friends died and left her a small sum, which should help tide us over. The whole house thing -- and now our car breaking down, is actually the reason we can't afford a new computer. I basically gave mom all my money because our other family is really bad about not paying rent. Long story short, really did not expect my PC to crap out this soon.

Why you ask?

@Kieran @ADR3-N I was just wondering

Hey, I feel ya. How's it going on your end?

@ADR3-N its ok i just turned 21

Look at @cyberdevil bein all ridiculous lol!!!

You right girl, you right!

XD I do like that roster! Nice. Also nice playlist. Also nice prizes. Also hope you get some $$$ for that computer, think I might be able to jump in on Patreon... regarding that 20 review per referral gig though whatever happened to those? ;) Not that I'm waiting or anything...

Gonna start reviewin' all these AIM tracks soon I hope.

Yup, looks quite professional. All I have to do is check your pages and type things in correctly, LOL. Big thanks to @ChronoNomad because mine would be hideous.

Also, my heart would possibly explode if you did that for me. I've specifically set it up on a per-project basis, so no monthly charge. I would feel awful about getting a salary while being totally incapable of releasing my primary form of content, music and the occasional YT video. Have you checked out that poll?

Well, PC broke, literally -- and thanks for reminding me! In all reality things have been so hectic, I think you're the only one waiting on reviews, but can't be sure as I lost a lot of my notes.

Will you be reviewing the art too? I try to leave even a few short lines -- most of this stuff is amazing! AIM has good taste.

wow you and cyberdevil got more reviews than everyone combined.

Tbh a lot of mine are from competitions, or random sprees. So long as you're not reviewing just for the stats and really have something to say, sooner or later it adds up. :)

@Cyberdevil could be an android tho. Thank God there's a song for that

Ah it's all manual so far. :) Byte still hasn't figured out a way to fetch the specific review counts without crawling an additional four pages I think, might be waiting on an official design change to make that easier, but hope that automation comes. Come to think of it this is probably going to make things hard for Auz too huh, everything rounded to the hundreds now when you're over 1K (having the same problem with the hexalist but at least the stat can be fetched, it's just not exact)...

It's on my todo list. :) Was about to vote in that poll (80's stuff) but realized I need to pledge something first...

Well no worries, you did review a few before that grand catastrophe, and now this one gigantic one!!! Just that's like twenty 'normal' reviews. XD Been starting to rely more and more on the cloud for stuff like that btw. Small things like bookmarks synced between browsers, notes via my site, only the bigger things that need manual backing... still rolling with that broken computer though? Temporary fix?

Hope so. :) Plan to review at least everything in the playlist so far, though might be a few days. Time's the limit.

Actually the way review counts work, @byteslinger would only have to pull the numbers from /reviews, I think. They're all in one now.

Gotta pledge to vote in the poll? That's kinda dumb. Oh well, I'll write that down.

Also, glad you liked my review. I actually enjoy giving the bigger ones. Sometimes though I just don't know what to say. Your lyric sheets help analyze the pieces, which is awesome. :)

Yeah I've bandaided my main PC for the purposes of email and other stuff (also to work up the money to get another PC meantime) and as long as I don't try to use DirectX, C++ extended libraries, or actually, y'know, extract files, or read or write to disk a bunch (so no rendering music or videos), I can do minor things like work a GPT and most other things I need to do on NG.

Weirdly, I can't watch any movies on my PC either, which prob has to do with drive failure. Watching them online can occasionally crash my opera and force me to restart my PC because I can no longer access user profile directory.

Basically, I'm a sitting duck, waiting on the big bad fuckup hahaha.

I may take a bit to get back in the swing of things. Hope the playlist helps!

Wish they had an XD reaction btw. :D is more YAY than ROFL to me.

Happy to help out! Hmm, I wonder what happened to MaiGeims. Seems to have disappeared completely from the NG galaxy.

Did a little spit polish to the spreadsheet, and I believe I got the alternating background color issue worked out. Those numbers are looking great so far! Cyberdevil is some kind of BEAST...not that I'm surprised. I hear he's part machine. (;

tried to use the review crew lists section on that link and got this:

"Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/content/36/2049136/html/ngstats/modules/common.php on line 1713"

I should still show up under chronamut, and am slowly tearing through the ranks with my new account :)

Ah, right, realized that with my last Hexalist update today too. My bad. Twas just the posts that get rounded.

So it wasn't intentional! Good to know, though hmm I guess I can vote now...

That's cool. :) I'm happy when I can blast out a lot of moderately lengthy ones with solid feedback in each, but indeed, with audio in particular it's often difficult with the feedback. Easier with the written bit huh. I haven't reviewed anything with written lyrics in some time come to think of it...

So many limitations. XD Hmmm maybe it'd be possible to run everything from RAM somehow, for such tasks, even if the HD fails completely? It is a form of storage after all, albeit disappears as soon as you shut down. Huh, strange about the playback. I guess large files might use a local cache instead of RAM, and thus such issues?

Yeah it'll definitely help! Much appreciated. Hope all this computer shizzle works out soon, really seems like a major roadblock in the workings on... all the normal stuff.

@ChronoNomad you know it. I'm selectively replacing my organic parts with better ones, as to become a perpetual machine; spending my future days in eternal resilience. ;)