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What's new?

Posted by ADR3-N - February 24th, 2018

Last time I was here, I mentioned my computer blowing up and not being able to do jack squat since. Well, I've fixed it for the most part -- some more than before. Slated to start university in the fall, and hoping to have that new desktop done by then. I'll be easing back into the usual business along the way, starting with the Review Crew business and the usual mod duties. Got some new synths and some songs in the works also.

Until all that jazz, what's new with you?


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I just made french fries.

Now I want french fries. Lol.

I'm having ideas for music once again, yay!

Awesome. Writer's block sucks. Have anything you want reviewed?

Was just about to ask what was new with you! And that computer shizzle. Good to hear. For some reason don't think I got a notification on the most recent post before this...

New with me? Same old same old.

Yeah I probably edited in the @'s and forgot that they don't notify anyone if you add them later.

I also apologize for not getting around to answering all my PMs. Super overwhelmed lately. Trying to get back into the swing of things.

Its good you are going to uni. And for me? Same old shit just a different day

Hey, that's every day, isn't it? Anything interesting on the horizon?

I've been busy as always making stuff and putting them together. Catching up on my university coursework myself.

Sweet -- or not so sweet, considering uni work is universally acknowledged to be death incarnate. What projects are you working on lately?

read any books?

also neat you're going to uni, what are you studying?

I've actually been meaning to get around to telling you, my e-reader doesn't work on my laptop due to some dll errors, and I won't be able to fix that for... basically until I get a new computer. Working on that!

Uni, double-majoring English and Music Education.

How have you been?

I do have an even older PM from you I need to get back to too though, so no worries, and apologies for THAT. :) Hope we both get back into the swing of things and all that jazz!

Hey, no worries -- and seconded!

I'm working on the next location based gaming device. It is code-named the "PlayStation 9". It will sport a printer, with wifi, screen and the player would run around any town while many other players not armed with the device will look for the barer. I will private message you the prototype as I am working on the final build.

That sounds like a Sony Vaio mini gaming PC. :P

Nothing for now but this year should see me moving out

Oh really? Nice. Unless that's not nice. I might be on the streets for all I know, haha. Where you headed?

I made a remix of the Song of Storms, and I'd like to see how I can improve, because I like how that style sounds and I want to build on it as much as I can.
Feel free to review that one, but you don't have to. It's your choice.
Writer's block is the worst. I write stories from time to time (though I don't put them on the forum), and I've encountered it several times. Tough to get through, but when you get through it, it's so satisfying.

I'll check it out. Sure thing. May take me a bit to properly review -- I'm on satellite internet and it's the rainy season here in the south.

Also, didn't know you were a writer too. I feel your pain. There's a piece I've been working on for the past few weeks, a Mass Effect fanfic. Some of the first fight scenes I've ever actually written are happening in those files, but I keep getting stumped on every little thing, it seems like. Sometimes I have to just go read, or play video games to get out of the funk.

It's here if you wanna check it out. You shouldn't have to know too much about the general flow of Mass Effect to understand it, since I'm making a more chronological, background oriented go of it.

A lot of other embarrassing shit is on that account, but I just don't care at this point, lol. Practice is practice.

If you'd like to share your own work, feel free to shoot me a PM or something.

Im not sure really, where ever the world takes me

Huh. So no idea? Not even a hint?

Well, ill still be in London for sure

Brexit for the win.

Haha, sorry, had to. Good luck though!

What e-reader do you use?

wow that double major sounds pretty dope and ACTUALLY USEFUL hwo

Things have been uneventful for me. I'm in a spot of inactivity right now, not knowing which road to take.

I had been using the Kindle app on my laptop. Then I switched to calibre, which I found to be better for epub files or w/e. Those are small and prolific. Will probably have to just get a new damn computer at this point because mine has determined that it hates Visual Basic.

I'm terrified actually -- most everyone I know is going for an English degree, so it's a saturated market. BUT, I still have a fallback in music-ed. My concern there is that I failed Music Theory 3 because I hated my new teacher LOL.

If you have a choice between two, flip a coin. Then if you don't like your "choice," go with the alternative. Works like a charm.

I use calibre to organize and search but I use summetra PDF to actually read, it seems more customization and light weight and it's displayed everything I've thrown at it. Gotta say though I definitely can't focus as well as with a real book.

It's actually abysmal how much of a difference a bad/good teacher can make, esp. given that most teachers I had to deal with were narcissistic arseholes detached from reality. One of the many reasons I have little faith in the education system.

Summetra PDF... Will it work with epubs? I don't often use PDFs just due to sheer file size. I have over 1000 books just sitting on an external HDD

what do you make of Jordan B. Peterson

No real opinion. I'm more of a Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan type of gal, myself. Although I have heard and seen some good things. You?

Nice to hear you're back! So am I now with new tunes to post in a week or so! :D

Slap a mention for me in the post/comments please :)

I love him tbh. I disagree with him often enough, but he rarely says something he can't back up. here's one of my fav vids to show why his ideas are appealing (it's short) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIQP_CbBRrQ

It really frustrates me when left-biased media tries desperately to demonize him, misconstrue his words and paint him as a hateful charlatan when he's giving such a genuine guidance to people who need it. they'd rather try to shame him into silence than give his pov a fair chance.

Jesus Christ your username terrified me for a second... And everything is blue.

I'll add that to my watch later (I'm actually just checking in before bed! Got to get back in the habit) -- and yes. The MSM of course is almost unanimously left-wing identity politics, complete with virtue signaling/shaming, because that's how the left operates. Notice how the dems have gone far left, and therein lies a whopping ton of socialist, communist hell.

By any chance do you tune into the Daily Wire or the Rubin Report? I think they might be right up your alley.

Lmao mission accomplished then, I'll be back to Jackho after April 1st tho ;] Tom himself gave a few of us a one-day name change in the supporter forum.

I guess I'd call myself a centrist, but I would say the left is worse currently when it comes to censorship, purposefully misconstrued info, silencing dissent etc. There's extreme echo chambers like T_D, but left wing sources seem to have the same mindset almost across the board. And they wonder why people are being pushed further right. Never checked out daily wire or Rubin report, might do so now.

Also yeah Sumatra has worked with every format I've thrown at it, most of my books are in mobi or epub format

Sweet. I'll try it!

Also, if you haven't run into it already, I recommend Book Bub. Book bargains in your email, occasionally some good free ones too.

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