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Newgrounds Review Crew -- Join or CRY

Posted by ADR3-N - January 18th, 2018

You know, I've been on Newgrounds 11 years, and if anything gets to me these days, it's the quiet.

Got me like ya girl here.


Not the forums. They still talk shit. I'm talking about this new phenomenon of "I came, I lol'd, I left," dropping fivens and zero-bombs without so much as a word, with one-and-done artists coming on the scene as if dumping stuff on the servers and ditching is gonna win us favors.


Back in the day, we used to give back to the community.

Today, I've watched audio, art, and animation come through the Portal without a peep, sometimes going years without reviews -- or even votes. Do you think anyone comes out of that equation looking pretty?


No. Definitely not Jennifer Anniston pretty either.

It makes us look lame -- us, the guys who debase DeviantArt, trash YouTube, and shit on SoundCloud. Y'know, Newgrounds, the first, the baddest, the best? When our own community can't say so much as hi and thank you, it makes it hard to believe household names like the Weebl, Soulja Boy, Waterflame all started here.

And if you ain't of that persuasion, let's just say I'd rather see this in my feed than this.


This is not going to produce more Weebls and Waterflames. This is just gonna suck.


We're supposed to be the cutting edge of user-created content, the nexus of cringe, counter-culture, and cool, but we've forgotten how we came this far.


Community, reviews, encouragement, telling each other how to improve, that's what drives us. Feedback makes us tick. That's what we in this crew aim to do, what other groups have failed to accomplish, if they haven't completely ground to a halt.


And I had a draft for this post, but I trashed it. If you're reading this yes, I'm inviting you -- yes, you, to join me and the Newgrounds Review Crew in our fight against silence, to keep the spirit of Newgrounds alive.

Instead of encouraging link dumping, self-advertising, and bs, we'll be keeping it simple. See something that doesn't have a review? Review it. Like something? Review it. That's it. No requests, no beauracracy, because that gets tedious. Meetings will be held approx. every 14 days or as I am able to FP, events optional, and potentially there will be some paid competitions.


The particular event I have in mind for this month is @dj-Nate's competition, which I will be judging. If Nate can review each of these entries, we can too!


@ChronoNomad will be in charge of making pretty spreadsheets to keep track of progress because I'm a doofus. Yeah. We'll get on that.

Meantime, the only way to get yourself in trouble is to spam reviews and break Newgrounds review guidelines to get ahead. Do that and things will suck.


To apply, post a comment. To vote on the next event or suggest future events and competitions, here!

At some point, there will be a discord server set up to discuss cool junk.


Newgrounds Review Crew Roster - January

New Blood



Personally, I've decided to continue my review for review schtick until further notice. Still got a couple to finish, but they're on the list, and if anyone wants 20 free reviews, feel free to sign up here with an email you don't care about. Confirm it and it'll tip me some pennies toward my bills and equipment, which will help keep me and mine from being homeless come August. No joke. Help me out and I'll love you long time.

But enough shameless self-plugging. Drop your personal goals, recommends, and other junk in the comments! Let's review!

Ps: One of these days I'll get back to doing podcasts. Waiting on easy embed functionality. Until then, holla!

Comments (23)

I dig your spirit to keep Newgrounds moving forward! I wish more people had your mind set. Myself and IvanAlmighty have set up a Newgrounds Discord that we could set up a section for you guys in once it's current function as the DBZ collab chat passes.

Newgrounds is on it's way to a bigger and better future than ever before, and it'll be thanks to people like you and those that we pass the torch to.

Hey, I'm nobody important, dw. There's been plenty of crews like this out there, just none current and in the same spirit. I'm glad to know that this kinda thing is appreciated though. NG is what springboarded my own hobby into a career and an education to boot. :)

Speaking of DBZ collab, how is all of that going down? About when will things be all set?

I'd like to help in any way I can. It's great to see some people trying to make NG a better place

Hey, no requirements to join in. Well, other than a first grade education, enough to say what you do and don't like about things. :P

I'm so glad someone still has the spirit to keep this place going. It has really lost it's spark lately. At least I feel so. Some good users have left or aren't that active anymore and it seems like it takes WAY too long for trouble makers to be dealt with.

I do the best I can, but a few years of grinding my absolute ass off here has worn me down. I'm not what I used to be. My New Year's Resolution, though, is to vote on more submissions coming through, which I've been successful in doing.

I really need to get back into the groove of writing reviews more often, though. Not quite the material yet to be a member of what you're trying to get going, haha.

Hey, don't beat yourself up. As long as you're not spamming, you're Crew material as far as I'm concerned.

I also feel you about the spark. And it's not that NG hasn't gotten way cooler and innovative lately. I just feel like the community is losing touch. Time to fix that.

I've noticed a good bit of useless reviewing from those Geometry Dash users! I do my best to help other people, particularly audio artists, improve. That's why I joined this review group thingy.

Yeah, likewise. I mean, that's better than nothing in most cases, but I get annoyed when I see people 0 starring songs just because they're not available in GD. That's not what NGAP is for!

Thanks for the solidarity, yo

The more the merrier, join up guys and gals!

I'm actually excited to see people interested. Lately everything has been like Kreayshawn - Blase, Blase

For reference:

I support this

You don't have to be Shakespeare or Nostalgia Critic to join, hint-hint ;)

Let me in on this. My mental state means that I can only review as and when, but I want to help too.

Sure thing, sis <3

I support your zest.

Thank friend <3

So this is how it'll be! :D Sounds good! Filling in the form as I take a pause from filling in the form and write this... also that is one disturbing forefront figure for this post. :O Heavy with the memes! Looking forward to the podcasts again! Signed up for that thing too, though looks like I might need to verify my PayPal account first, which might take a day, I'll get back on that one...

Yeah I figured the wat granny was a little unoriginal, so I grabbed a gif. If I don't start doing 'casts right away, it'll be memes. It works for cracked.com so why not?

Actually, I don't think you have to verify your paypal. I didn't! My paypal is frozen! :P And thank you!

Yupp, turned out pretty captivating. So bizarre and hypnotizing at the same time. O_O Like a hypnotic lolipop... haven't had a crack at that site yet, but memes do be the big thing these days!

If you did get the referral I'ma skip the whole verification process then, good to know. :) Tis the least I could do!

Very punny. :P Occasionally I give Cracked a read, but mostly only when a search leads there tbh.

Oh, I thought you meant your paypal itself. I won't get a referral until you check your email and click confirm email address. Reason they do that now is because a bunch of doofuses were using proxies to make a ton of fake accounts. :(

I support this! I really hate it when people zerobomb someone just to a. Make their track look better or b. get back at them for doing a "bad review." I also hate it when they give me a bad review for my music, and just comment, it sucks without telling me why it sucks. I am kinda shocked to see that you did not mention about the Geometry Sash audio issue. People are still submitting music they did not make, including people who have been whitelisted, but there has been a lot less then last year, which is pretty great! There is already a discord server you can discuss cool junk and that is here - https://discordapp.com/channels/377888169015902208/377888286104092684 This Discord server made by @TheDyingSun which features everything Newgrounds. I look forward to @dj-Nate's music competition and Pixel Day, for I made music for both competitions! (I hope you like my track for @dj-Nate's competition) You should start a petition on https://www.change.org/ for this, i would be your first supporter :D Thank you so much for making this and I wish you the best! - PancakePocket

Omg, yes, A and B suck. And I didn't mention the GD issue because, well, it's not relevant to the crew, and I'm almost used to it by now. I wish I could take it down faster. Or just blast a PSA around the world that that crap isn't going to work, everyone's done it a thousand times -- just hack the game and go away, ya feel?

I'll check out that discord. And good luck in the competition!

What would the petition be about btw?

Hmm I wonder if I've stumbled upon any link there outside this post the last few years... have known about the site for some time though, from the times when Worth 100, So9mething Awful, Ebaum's World and similar viral media portals competed over the big stream... before YT came in and stole it all.

Ah, looks like I will need to verify PayPal then, during sign-up that's the thing they ask you to do, and then come back to complete the process... one moment...

Oh somehow I missed this or accidentally deleted the response -- I do remember all the sites you mentioned. Not sure what made YT explode actually. Used to be a good place though

Aaand it should be done! Cyberdevil The One... if it's not only the email that shows in the referrals? PayPal card confirmation took a few days, sorry for teh wait.

I'll get on and check in a sec. Either way, gonna make a note to leave ya a ton of reviews. Thanks for the extra trouble!

Well it's gonna take you a whole lot more trouble I reckon, this was just a lot of wait. :) Looking forward to it (and hope it registered OK)!

Weird. It still isn't confirmed. Have you confirmed your email you signed up on?

This is my most favorite newspost ever.

Thank friend. Ps, have you done any more story-time episodes?

I took down my podcasts because I kinda sorta have an IRL stalker, and didn't want him finding me on here. I will put them back up eventually.

Oh damn. Well, glad they're just unpublished and not gone forever. I'm no stranger to stalkers, and I'll say a prayer for ya.

Ah, apparently not! Had to log off and back on again for the 'not verified' message to appear. Should be now...

Oh wow. Never heard of it doing anything like that. It's confirmed now. Thanks!

Any songs of yours you want me to start on?

Good to hear! Hmm well let's see... these two would be nice:

...apart from those the newer the better, but feel free to go with whatever piques your interest, always nice with surprises. :)

Alrighty. I'll go ahead and get started in between handling the usual mod duties. Heavy workload the past few days but I realize if I don't keep up with arbitrary responsibilities on top of the rest of the stuff I have to do, I get burnt out.

Weird, isn't it?

Well just go at it whatever pace you need to go at to not get burnt out! XD No rush. I do find everything gets easier when you just get started right away, too, just take tasks as they come; not get stuck stalling on the mere prospect, or opting for empty time between the dues... not such a good multitasker myself though.

Likewise. I also didn't expect to have a massive PC crash -- but will get on it!

Oh no! :( All fixed now? New computer? Them things happen in the most inopportune moments...

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