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@XwaynecoltX @Cyberdevil @JohnnyGuy @Quarl, y'all gave this one a review back when I posted it back in 2018. Thought you might be interested to hear how it was supposed to sound, more or less :)

@ADR3-N @XwaynecoltX @Cyberdevil @Quarl Slightly better :) good work

Hahaha, that's what I like to hear. I just touched it up in RX7. Hows your everything? Haven't seen a notification from ya outside of I think instagram in a while

Sorry, been rough lately. The post before my current one titled "vent post" explains everything. I'm about to go to bed. I just released the Jack Serious official theme. Wanting to finish my Pokemon parody song, and another Jack Serious comedy short. Been focused on my side project Cursed Server which has been doing good on newgrounds if you've seen any of that last year. Hope you're doing well too.

I'll have to check that out when I get a sec. I'm actually on night shift right now, stealing minutes as I get the chance. I did get to put some Cursed Server on for background music as we speak. Really like afterlife_lobby.exe <3

Hope things start to look up for you soon! I'm looking at coming out with some more Russian projects, got several songs in the workings, and releasing backlog. Do show me where you learned to mix vocals. Thunder riders hair metal vocals is good on my ears.

<3 Love and hugs!

Lol, funny how those vocals help cover up for the digital instruments. Sounds more alive. The instrumental is so much louder though, am I hearing youtube video compression or did you do something to the mix to make it so quiet? Between the loudness on the instrumental and the vocal chops on the second version I really wish I could have the best of both worlds this time around :C

It's still good though, rocks like an anime. I could weeb pretty hard to this. Anime show could be about cute little furry animals on a planet called Hugs, I'd still watch it for the intro music.

It may be YT compression. Or the mastering I use. Unfortunately I only had the old mp3 and RX7 to bring the drums out some, since that's a common complaint -- quiet drums. One day I'll find that happy medium! Glad you liked it :)

A nice day to you too ADR3-! :) New avatar looks dope but little low-res with the banne size! Remix: feels like the subtle piano layer plays at a bit clashing pace here and there but the rest sounds awesome. Crisp vocal quality too!Nice.

That's because it's Ellie Goulding's studio acapella hahahaha

Yeah, I might upscale that image with the waifu generator and see how it do <3 Glad you liked it! Do the drums poke through more or less now you think?

@JohnnyGuy @ADR3-N thanks and nice. Love and hugs.

Just tapping you here to let ya know I bought your album <3 I really think you should charge at least 5. @ me next time you got a release!

@JohnnyGuy @ADR3-N @ADR3-N aww thanks! I'm working on the deluxe edition i'll charge at least 5 for that one.

I'll have to go snag that one too ;)

Good source! :D

Ah did I comment on percussion last time? XD Was skimming the last couple pages looking for the earlier version to remember how it was last time, must've been a while back though. The drums: they do pop, though maybe a lot more once the kick drum kicks in/second half. Listening through again some parts are so much more notable than others, greatly varying intensity; presence with that. Was thinking the guitar faded a bit too sometimes. It's bangin' though!

Glad you liked it! Yeah, this was back when I hadn't used real eight before and honestly just ported the notes from Shreddage, moving some to key switches, which was interesting. Salvaged the instrumental off NG, popped on the vocals, did some moving around, and then mastered it :)

Aah I didn't realize the instrumental just below it was actually the original bit! XD Nice. So no earlier version of this remix in particular? I felt like I'd heard that too, deja vu on the 'love love love love love' bit... nice mastery! Listening to just instrumental the instruments definitely had more space back then. Intricate balance when you add in audio too.

Yeah I'm pretty sure it has to do with YT compression. May be clearer on the mp3 I uploaded. But I compressed the shit out of it too sooooo xD

*vocals too, I mean. Whole new balance.

Do you have any other songs you'd like to hear metallized?

Hmmmm had to think about that question a bit. :) A TON, probably, but ones that'd actually sound good in metal too hmm, and which most of all... any one of these might be awesome:


This one might be pretty cool too: https://youtu.be/q-wGMlSuX_c