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Oooooh, thanks for the mention! I'll give it a good look next time I'm on the PC!

:) I think you could probably take it and pop it on a rhode or a whirly for good effect. I've been experimenting with distortion in my pieces lately. Let me know what you come up with if you cop it!

I'm good on the amp and pre amp front, generally not a fan of cabinet sims compared to pedals.

Could be of use to @TSRBand and/or @LD-W ?

Check out https://www.patreon.com/analogobsession who does a fuck ton of outboard gear emulations for free that are pretty good.

Also http://www.igniteamps.com/ are really great if you haven't come across them yet.

Ooh, thank you! Don't mind if I do. I follow ignite amps. Think I'm due for a check back. Thanks so much!

Thank you!

Shoot me anything you make with it. I'm thinking of doing a video later.

@AliceMako Thanks for the ping, but I already have the bulk majority of Audio Assault's plugin lineup haha.

I'm actually using Hellbeast in a project I'm working on for Madness Day at the moment. Fairly close to a Randall Satan in tone which is pretty nice to run through an 8-string and some Dominator Cab IR's

Ooh sweet. You have all the expansions for it? Which plugins there for cheap would you recommend I check out aside from Grind Machine?

@ADR3-N While I'd say Audio Assault are not a top-end pick for gear emulations (I'd arguably say Brainworx is a shade better, albeit at a hefty price), the affordability and regular sales associated with AA plus the general quality of what they're pushing out is good enough to consider a fair few of their plugins.

I'd say out of all of the one's I've got, I can recommend the following:
- RVXX + Hellbeast amps (their best two outright)
- FreakQ305 (best left on Console and then manually adjusted to boost/cut your guitar signals accordingly)
- Duality Bass Studio (trial'd it out, it's a pretty decent option and I can get comparable quality results to Amplitube's bass gear emulations, but DBS rarely goes on sale!)
- Hidden Gems IR's for Grind Machine II
- XCTR (competent Multiband Saturation at a low price. Light-touches only though, or you'll destroy your signal!)
- aIR Impulse Rack (lets you merge Cab IR's together, an experimental monster)

Everything goes on sale eventually, so if's worth checking your emails for their latest offers since some of their pricey ones get reduced in 24 hour flash sales sometimes.

Score! Thanks a bunch for the tag, Adrean. I look forward to seeing what kind of fun I can have with this, and gratis is definitely my favourite price.

Hard Rocking dudes like @MetalRenard and @PirateCrab might be interested, and I think I'll add @LucidShadowDreamer and @etherealwinds to the mix. The more the merrier! 100% free is always worth sharing.

Ooh, thanks. I didn't even think -- I just finished judging NGUAC. Perhaps I can drop a couple names here.

Also, if you haven't seen, check my last news post. Ton of goodies on sale for the price of a couple cups of coffee over at WAProductions and pluginboutique

Nice ! Free goodies are always worth to try.
Thanks for the word :)

Any time. What kind of plugins are you looking for to flesh out your library? I recently started checking semi daily for deals now that I have funds :)

@1gyrone hey, check out this plugin giveaway :)

If you bump into a freebie bass, please let me know.
I tried the ABPL II, but my lap-toaster can't handle :D

Hmm.. I don't know of any good free bass that are easier on CPU that sound good. Although the stock FL bass sound font with a pick noise worked reasonably well for me. I'll try to remember what it was.

@LexRodent ever try FM synthesizer for bass? There are a few freebie FM VST out there.

ooooo thanks!

Be sure to @ your friends! No idea how long the deal will last

@LexRodent @ADR3-N
That has to be BooBass ; I use it quite often.
Paired with an amp sim sounds pretty decent.

Yeah, BooBass I think is what it's called. I used to use it for drop tuned metal. You can probably sidechain pick or slap noises with modulation over that. I never had the patience for it -- I like things to work out of the box, but it's not a bad idea!

I have. It sounds great when you add overdrive to them :)

Have you tried VB-1 Steinberg?

It looks pretty small

@LexRodent Also, if you have a 64 bit "toaster PC" use only 64 bit plugins, and it will significantly speed up the process of production. I found that out the hard way since almost all my plugins until fairly recently were 32 LOL

Thanks for the link and the advice.
I'll check how many of my stuff I can migrate to 64

Good luck. Let me know if it helps!

Just downloaded this, and I already like the sounds I'm hearing. Thanks!

Awesome. Be sure to tag your friends! :)

Holy pants. That sounds actually nice!
I will give it a try this weekend. Thanks for sharing this :3

Sweet. Be sure to pop back and drop what you came up with!