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ADR3-N's News

Posted by ADR3-N - January 13th, 2009

Okay, now I'm writing another chapter, however, what I'm going to do now is change the point of view. Instead of it being Ruth's POV, now it will be Andrea's POV. I probably won't do this for many other chapters. Sorry for not really finishing the last chapter btw, I had intended to include a lot more stuff.

- - - - - -

Black and Purple - Chapter Seven - The Next Morning

I awoke the next morning just as naked as I had been the night before, still entangled in Ruth's arms. I could see the sun, just barely peering over the rolling fields outside my window, which was still open, the breeze coming and going. It was probably about 5:00 AM. Wow. What a night, I thought to myself. Seeing no point in waking Ruth or Kelsey up, I just pushed my face further into the bed, my eyes already stinging from the weak light coming from the East.

About 30 minutes later, Ruth woke up with a yawn and a long stretch, which dislodged me from my little rut. "Five more minutes please." I said, protesting the movement.

"I was gonna say the same thing." She said.

"Right." I yawned, beginning to wake up a bit more.

She stretched again, "This bed is soft."

"Changing the subject already?" I said, "Well, someone's tired, but I can't blame you, espescially after last night." I grinned, waiting for a reaction.

She froze. "So you're saying that wasn't a dream?" She replied after a few seconds.


She sighed.

Disappointed, I shrugged and asked, "So, you wanna get take a shower and get some grub?"

"Grub?" She said skeptically.

"You know, food? Get it?"

She said with a heavy sigh, "Not really, ever since I moved here you southerners have been confusing me."

"Oh, so that's it, huh? So I'm just a crazy southern hick to you?" I was kind of joking, but I don't think that it showed. She looked a bit rattled by it.

"Of course not, it's not that at all!"

"Right. I love you anyways though, whether you think I'm a retarded hillbilly or whatever." I smiled. "I'm going downstairs, see you later." I planted a kiss on her lips. It was a little messy, but it got the job done.


I stopped.

"I'm coming with you." Completely ignoring Kelsey's limp body, she jumped off the bed while I slipped on the same clothes I was wearing the day before. After all, I'd only worn them for about 9 hours anyway, and it's not like it mattered since I was going to shower later anyway. She did the same thing.

"Okay, so what do you want to eat? . . . Besides anything that involves a bodypart. Save that for later." I said, again, half joking. I was always sarcastic.

"Um . . ." Her face turned red. I knew that last bit would get to her.

I grinned, "Just kidding, I'm up for that anytime" I laughed, "I'm serious. But really, what do you want me to cook? Fried rice and beef strips?" Her face grew even more red, it was almost a crimson color by now.

"Uh, sure. I'll be getting a shower." She walked off and then paused for a second, sprinting back, "Um, where is the shower?"

"Second floor, fourth door on the left. Towels and other crap are in the closet looking thing." I was going to say something about clothes, but I thought she'd remember that on her own. I got out the rice and some beef strips from the fridge, tossing them into a frying pan and cutting on a boiler, stirring and prodding them with a spatula, then adding butter.

I listened as Ruth walked up the stairs. "Well, hopefully she remembered to get something to wear for when she gets out," I murmured, "I'll go up there when I'm done cooking and bring something just in case."

A few minutes later the shower was cut on. Soon after, I was finished cooking the food and it needed to cool so I went into my room and grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt and headed up to the shower room. The shower was still on when I arrived and the door was cracked, letting hot steam out into the hall.

"Well, someone trusts me a lot." I muttered as I opened the door further and slid inside, being careful not to make any noise that would be loud enough for her to hear over the noise of the water. The shower was like a giant glass box, or atleast it looked like it. I think it was some kind of plastic. Since I could see through it, I took the opportunity to get a few glimpses of her since I hadn't actually seen her naked when we were in my room. God, she was beautiful.

Thinking quickly, I figured I would slide open the little door separating us and give her a little surprise. I slipped off my pants and other clothes, tossing them on the floor next to the bath robe that was already there. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to bring clothes, but I guess I could wear them later . . .

I slowly approached the sliding door, then I just as slowly opened it and went inside. It felt like my heart was in my throat. Then, I got behind her, thanking the gods in Heaven that she didn't turn around. I put my hands on her hips and pressed my body against hers.

"What the?!" she blurted.

"Hello Ruth, what a pleasant suprise." I said seductively, with a big grin on my face.

"Um. . . This is awkward." She said, falling back into me a bit and placing her hands over mine.

I whispered in her ear, "Well that's obvious, but you'll get used to it soon enough. It's because you're so cute and innocent," letting out a small laugh. "Don't get me wrong" I got a bit louder, "There's nothing wrong with being innocent; in fact, I think it's pretty hot, espescially if you know how to use it. I started running my hands up and down her body, getting around the inner thighs, but never quite reaching the sweet spot. I love teasing.

A few minutes later, she turned around and we started making out, tongues twisting and turning as we slid against each other, slowly moving towards the tiled portion of the wall. We paused for a brief moment to breathe, "I love you" she said.

Before she could say anything, I grabbed her and pulled her into another kiss. I had her backed up against the wall, pressing my body against hers as she was grinding on my thigh, shuddering in near ecstasy.

- - - - - -

Ok guys, I'll finish this after I go to school tomorrow. Sorry for not answering any PM's today btw

Chapter Seven

Posted by ADR3-N - January 9th, 2009

I get to go to state band clinic! W00T! I'm so happy!

Wish me luck! Also, the next chapter in the story might be delayed since Ruth and I are actually dating now. It's hard to write stuff when you have someone looking over your shoulder.

Laterz for now

Posted by ADR3-N - November 9th, 2008

Okay, so yeah, I know, I was using roman numerals up until now, but I forgot what number six is. Anyways, enough of me slowly making an ass of myself, I'm going to get on with the chapter before my writing gets interrupted.

- - -

I awoke to find Andrea still sleeping beneath me. Taking care not to wake her, I sat up and glanced out the window. It was still dark. It was probably 1 or 2 AM. Looking around, I saw Kelsey's form on the edge of the bed, shadows running up and down her body like a hamster in a wheel, never getting very far and always trying to. Looking back to Andrea, I pondered whether or not to go back to sleep. With the ideas I had in mind, sleeping would simply not do, so I decided not to sleep.

Instead, I pulled off my shirt and bra, doing the same to Andrea and making sure to toss them off the bed without making too much noise. I took a deep breath. Here goes nothing, I thought. Hesitantly, I reached down until my hand was touching her abs. Then I traced down her belly until I hit the waistband of her pants. Then it hit me. How was I supposed to take off her pants without waking her up? Mentally shrugging, I flipped up the waistband and slowly slipped my hand in.

Suddenly, I felt her stomach flex and her breath quicken a bit. When she stopped breathing so hard I went down a little further. Just then, I felt one of her hands cup my cheek and another one wrap around my wrist. "Patience, my love," I heard her whisper with a giggle, "Better take it nice and slow," I blushed as she brushed my bangs away.

I felt her shift until she was on top of me. I whimpered.

"You sure you wanna do this?"

"Yeah." I gulped.

"Okay." Without warning, she kissed me. It wasn't as chaste as I had expected, but it wasn't messy either. When we broke the kiss, she said, "Don't move. This is that suprise I've been telling you about for the last month and a half." Through the dark, I thought I saw a devilish grin on her face.

I felt her moving downward, trailing kisses here and there, licking and sucking in places along my body, massaging me with longing. I whimpered. She slowed down on my belly, still sucking and leaving a tiny film of drool wherever her mouth went. Then she did something odd; she traced her tongue around my belly button, twisting it and pushing into it. I also noticed during my euphoria that she was slowly reaching down to unbutton my pants while doing this.

Nobody had ever done that to me before, or done anything like it to me (ever), so naturally, I had no clue how to react. Completely disregarding what she said about not moving, I reached down and tangled my hand in her hair, still whimpering. So, while I'm telling you about what I did, I guess I should tell you how it felt. It's hard to describe, but somehow, whenever her tongue would go into my belly button and press into it, I felt something between my legs, even though she wasn't really doing anything. God, it felt so good.

"Don't tease!" I managed to say, hoarsely whispering.

She shrugged and slipped off my pants and hers, leaving only our underwear (and her boxers) to cover us. I stared at the headboard of her bed nervously as she crawled back up my body and pressing into me. We kissed again, but this time, I felt her tongue push past my lips and teeth, intertwining with my own. My hands were all over her, and hers all over me, exploring my body.

When we finally broke the kiss, she said, "Hot damn, I love your body." Her voice was barely above a whisper. Her breath tickled my face and neck as she slid one of her hands down my side and just barely inside my waistband.

I tensed up, not knowing what to say or do as her hand ventured further down. Then I remembered, I didn't shave it. I just knew that she was going to be totally grossed out by it. I'd been wanting to shave for the longest time, however, my mom never gave me enough time with the razor to shave anything but my armpits and legs. CRAP! She's going to think I'm gross if she goes any further, I thought. I clenched my legs up because I was panicking about my pubes.

"What? Something I said?" She asked.

"Er. . . uhm. . . no." I squeaked, slowly relaxing into my previous position.

"Okay." She replied with a grin and kissed me again, resuming the almost agonizing pace she was using before I freaked out, and starting to suck on my collarbone.

"Ahh, faster" I moaned, forgetting everything I had been even remotely concerned about as she reached down, rubbing my wet nethers.

She obeyed.

Again, she was probably grinning, but I couldn't see it because my eyes were shut tightly and I had other things to focus on, like the fire between my thighs.
- - -

Again, I'm sorry for not finishing, but I want you guys to know, the thing about the belly button, I know from experience. Yes, girls (and probably guys), you can masturbate with your belly button, but clean it out first, unless you already do that in the shower (trust me, I do). It's good for when you're on your period and you don't want blood on your hands . . . XD

Cliffhanger, lol

Chapter Six

Posted by ADR3-N - October 27th, 2008

Ok guys, I need a few days off. I'm beat. While you wait for my return, why not just enjoy this random poster that I scanned in

Taking a long break. . . AGAIN

Posted by ADR3-N - October 12th, 2008

Well, since I took so long to finish the other one, I'll start working on this chapter now. I'll be on every chance I get.

Damn, this stuff is tedious work. . .

Chapter VI

For a few minutes, I just froze. Andrea's hand was still on my butt, but now she was tapping her fingers on it idly, probably not even noticing what she was doing.

"Well?" She said, "Are you going to sit there forever or what?"

"Um. . . No, I guess" I said, embarrassed. I convinced myself to go with the flow and laid down on top of her. It definitely wasn't what I was used to. I felt her shift her weight a bit, lifting her leg up and leaning back into the semi-wet grass. I rested my head in the crook of her neck when she did.

"Comfortable?" She said, her voice vibrating against my cheek.

I giggled and said, "Yeah" with a grin. I glanced up at the sky and the moon. It was so pretty outside.

"I've been thinking lately. . . Ruth, you ever been on a date before?" She asked.

Again, my face flushed. "No, unless this qualifies" I said after a long pause.

I felt her neck get hot. Maybe that was a sign that she was a bit embarrassed. "I don't think it does because if it did, then it'd probably be like. . . the worst date ever." She sighed.

"No, actually, I like it. It's not conventional. . . or something like that because I don't know what that word means." I nuzzled her.

"You do? . . . and uh, I think conventional means ordinary or something." I could tell she was turning red because her neck felt even hotter.

"And to think I didn't take you for the intellectual type. . ." I giggled again.

I felt a breeze. The cool air blew my hair into my face, which tickled it with little feathery touches. "Not many people do. I'm not surprised, even though my test scores are always sky-high compared to everyone else's. Our education level here sucks. It's like #50 out of 52 for our state."

"Wow, that's nothing like Ohio. . . No wonder a lot of people up north think that you guys are uncivilized and don't wear shoes and use out houses."


"I'm joking, I'm joking. Ok?" I really wasn't, but eh, I couldn't risk ruining the moment with that.

"Well, I'm not really from here, so I don't care. . . God, I miss France" She sighed. "But at least I have you, right?" She kissed my forehead, making me blush deep red.

I smiled and mumbled, "I'm glad you picked me."

"Hmm?" She asked. I probably had just completely disrupted her train of thought. She took a few seconds to process what I had said and then nodded, "What other choice could I have made? Certainly I couldn't just leave someone as lovely and as good of a friend as you like you were. . . and where or what kind of person would I be if I had? I couldn't live with myself if I made any other decision."

"I don't mean to interrupt, and not that I don't appreciate that, but what time is it? I think the moon just disappeared." I said.

Again, she took a few seconds to respond. "Oh, I'd say from 12:00 to 2:30. We'd probably best be getting back to my house. I don't think it'd be a good idea to piss off my sister by scaring the shit out of her or making her think we got kidnapped."

"Yeah, she looks like she could do some damage when she's mad." I agreed.

She grimmaced, "Yeah. . . Just don't ask. Okay?"

I nodded and rolled off of her so she could get up and dust herself off. She got up and offered to help me up, which was a bit confusing to me. Anyway, I took her hand and stood up. I watched as she went to go wake up her niece with a grin. Suprisingly, she didn't even complain when Andrea started dragging her by her ankles across the field until she was willing to stand.

"Come on, we need to get back." she said.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. . . And I was having such a good sleep too." Kelsey said, her voice full of dread.

"So, Ruth, you want to take the short way or the long way? The short way is less dangerous, but the long way is more scenic. Which one do you want?" Andrea asked.

"Um. . . Is it okay if we take the short way this time? . . . cause I'm tired now."

She smiled, "Sure, it's fine with me."

"Okay. . . I guess." Kelsey said, less groggy than she was a few seconds ago.

So we walked back to the house, which took about another thirty or forty minutes, only to find that we couldn't even get into the place. All that walking just to get to a nice locked door. Well that sucked.

"Crap. . . Usually she doesn't lock the doors here." Andrea said.

Kelsey replied, "Yeah, but I think we could break in with a broken bobby-pin or something."

"Do you have one?" Andrea asked.

"I might. . . but there isn't a guarantee." Kelsey said, searching for one.

"Maybe you could use a safety pin or part of a barrette." I said.

Andrea grinned, "Yeah, that could work. . . or I can look to see if she hid a key anywhere, which I don't doubt. Sis isn't exactly the smartest person on the planet incase you haven't noticed. She forgets stuff. . . a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised."

"Hey, that's my mom that you're talking about!"

"Kelsey, shut it, you're screaming to loud!" Andrea said.

"Fine." Kelsey frowned.

Andrea went around looking for the key while we stood, waiting. After a few minutes, we heard, "Hey guys, I found it! I actually found the key!" and running footsteps from around back. She came galloping up to us holding a black, dirt encrusted, moldy thing out in her hands. "See?"

"Um, two words, eww, and awesome!" Kelsey blurted, "Try it!"

"Okay. Here goes nothing." She inserted it into the lock, crossing her fingers. After a few seconds, she turned it and viola, the door slid open. "Wow, I can't believe that actually worked. . ." She whispered.

"Me either." I said.

Kelsey shut the door quietly and locked it, taking the key that Andrea found and pocketing it. "Come on, lets go upstairs. Take off your shoes so we don't wake my mom up."

"Your mom?" I asked.

"Um, yeah, her mom. Her mom is my sister." Andrea said.

"Sorry, I thought you were talking, not her." I blushed, embarrassed once more.

Kelsey whispered back to us as we walked down the hallway and up the first flight of stairs, "Hey, since my room is by my mom's and I don't want to wake her up, can I sleep with you guys? . . . Please?"

"Normally, I'd be fine with it, but you'll have to ask her." Andrea said.

"It's fine." I said.

"Thank God." She said.

"No problem."

We finally managed to sneak up to Andrea's bedroom and into the bed without waking up her sister. It was awkward though, espescially since I was between both of them. Kelsey was behind me, basically spooning me while Andrea was half underneath me. Both of them had their arms wrapped around me too. I was pretty sure that Kelsey was asleep because from what I could tell, she could sleep pretty much anywhere, but I wasn't so sure about Andrea. Either she was half asleep, or she was doing a really good job of acting it. Either way, I was safe and warm, so I was happy.

End Chapter

Note: There will be sex, but it wouldn't feel right in this chapter, so I'm going to plan it out for another chapter. It will be soon though. k?

Posted by ADR3-N - October 7th, 2008

Since I'm feeling creative and I'm taking a break, I'll give you guys something to read. :)


You came out of nowhere and took my picture,
You looked just like a girl
She was my lover
You didn't know how much I missed her

You saw my guitar and asked if I was a musician
I asked if you'd like some coffee,
You accepted my proposition

Am I asleep
It's so surreal
The way you look
It's so ideal

The way I see you smile
I makes me feel in love
The way it feels
It's so unreal

I know my heart's not right,
but I'll pretend for one more night

Having not felt this way in so much time
I think I'll make you mine


You can't spell linger without Inger
That lingering stare
The looks you give me
They make me wonder why you even care

One day you love me
The next, you'd rather shove me up a tree

You can't spell Slaughter without laughter
It's a pity you'll never remember
You can't feel my anger
But what does it matter, to you
I'm the stranger

I miss you

You make me sad
And hungry
This is very bad
And I'm lonely

Please come back
I need you
I need you to be with me
Under the stars
Beneath the clouds
Staring at the moon
Singing ridiculous tunes

I miss you
Your eyes
Your hair
Your awkward stare

I miss you. . .


Posted by ADR3-N - October 1st, 2008

Hi guys, sorry for neglecting to start this, lol. I'll be writing it as I go since I'm in a coffee shop and I don't have any paper to write it down on and I don't have microsoft word or any of those other magically delicious programs on my PC currently (again I'm on a virtual machine). Anyways, I hope you all enjoy it.


MOTHER FUCKING EDIT:New pic! Rofl. This one is more recent. It's from like 2 and a half months ago (when I got my hair died, now it's short and streaked).

Side note(s):

Nick - I hope you get to read the finished version of this before you leave NG. I'll miss you so much cause you're my only NG BFF besides Tel. <3

Ruth - Hi! *waves*

Tel - Hi also! *waves again*

Chapter IVI woke up again, this time however, it was by the light of a full moon coming through the window, which was now open, allowing a cool breeze to come through and ruffle my hair. I shifted to gaze out of the window a bit.

Suddenly, I felt a squeeze and a mumble from underneath me. "Watch the stomach. They have feelings too you know." I instantly looked down at Andrea, whose eyes were just now opening. She blinked and looked at me for a few seconds, then looked out the window. "What time is it? . . . And why do my abs hurt?"

"Oh . . . Um, sorry. I did that" I looked away when she glanced at me.



"It's fine. I'm used to it." She sighed and threw the heavy covers off of us, then threw her head back into the pillow, staring up at me. "Comfortable?" she asked.

I felt my face flush deep red. It was just then that the fact that I was on top of her seemed to click in my mind. "I can move if you want me to." I said, feeling a bit embarassed.

"Nah, you don't have to." She smiled, "We can stay like this as long as you want. . . Of course, I kinda need to breathe, so don't fall asleep and decide to use my neck as some kind of rope ladder or teddy bear."

I felt a bit dumb for not noticing that I was laying on top of her a few seconds, so naturally, I really didn't say anything much after that. I just stared at her. She looked so pretty under the moonlight. Her hair was messy in a cute way. I'd normally call it handsome, since she looked more boyish at that moment, but I didn't think that'd be the the right term. For now, pretty will have to do, since I'm not exactly the best with words.

"Hey, um. . . I know this is a bit off subject, but exactly how long did you know I liked you?" I said, laying my head down in the crook of her neck, feeling the warmth against my cheek and blinking. I knew it probably wasn't the best question to ask, but I was just so curious to know.

She grinned and took a breath, exhaling, "Well to tell you the truth, I've known for quite a while, but I didn't want to say anything because I knew it might embarass you if I told you. . . or anyone else. Krisy told me that you were staring at my butt or something and then you blushed a little when I popped around that corner, so yeah, I kinda put two and two together." She smiled.

"Wow." I paused. "So why did you wait until I. . . you know, broke down and started crying?"

"Because, that's the day that Erika broke up with me." She frowned, probably because she didn't want to talk about her ex.

"Oh." I looked down. "Sorry for bringing it up then."

"It's fine. Erika and I are still friends, so I'm happy. That's pretty much how it was even when we were dating anyways. She said it was like dating a sister or a brother."

Kelsey's head popped out from around the door frame. "Hey, I don't mean to interrupt, but shouldn't you two love birds be sleeping now?" she said.

Andrea answered, "Dunno, don't you think that if we should be asleep that you shouldn't be up either?" She giggled, sounding completely out of place with her unusual serious tone. "Just kidding. Whatcha doin'?" She asked.

"Nothing." Kelsey came and sat down on the edge of the bed, causing Andrea to tap my shoulder and press up a bit on it. After a few seconds I took the hint and slid into a sitting position on the edge, just like she was doing.

I listened while they talked about random stuff, but finally, when they started talking about band, I chimed in. Kelsey was asking about the sets in our parade and on the football field.

I said, "At the middle school we don't do sets."

"She's talking about the highschool," Andrea said, "I march in their band."

"Oh." I said, blushing and feeling like an idiot. I decided to keep quiet for the rest of the conversation, until Kelsey asked whether we wanted to go outside or not. I asked what we were going to do. I didn't want us to get in trouble.

Andrea said, "That depends on what there is to do and whether we're bored enough to do it or not." She pointed at her hand, which was scarred up in lots of places. "See all these? . . . Window punching. What fun." I thought the last part was sarcasm, but then she started laughing.

"So are you in or not?" Kelsey asked.

"Sure. Just do me a favor and don't go window punching again."

"Fine. . . But I won't like it." Andrea groaned.

"Think we should slip out the windows?" Kelsey asked. I looked at her like she was insane. When she saw me looking, she said, "What, should we let my mom catch us going out after dark again? We'd be grounded for like... forever!"

"In that case," I said, "we probably should." I said.

Andrea opened the window further and removed the screen, tossing it away like it was some kind of frisbee and stepping out onto the roof. She walked to the edge of the roof, looked down, and said, "I can't remember the last time I jumped from a three story building..." After a few seconds, she dropped down, leaving only the tips of her fingers visible, tugging at the weather stripping before disappearing completely.

I was having a panic attack. . . until I heard a thud and some rustling. After a few seconds I was brave enough to step out of the roof and take a look to see what had happened.

"Um, are you ok?" I asked in the open air.

No answer.


Still no answer. Now I was starting to panic all over again.

"Seriously, you're scaring me."

Finally, I heard her say, "Quiet, you're going to get us busted!" I was relieved.

Kelsey stepped out on the roof and stood beside me, grinning.

She jumped down just like Andrea did.

"Ruth, wait up there, we're going to get the trampoline for you. Ok?" Andrea said.

"Ok." I murmured back.

After watching them drag it into 'jumping range' I decided to take the plunge.

I jumped.

I don't really remember seeing anything, just thinking I was going to die. When I hit the mat all I heard was a crash and the sound of metal, then wind whizzing around me. Then I remember landing. . . Hard. I probably would have broken something if it weren't for Andrea breaking my fall. Since I had landed on top of her it was a relief, but at the same time, it was a little unnerving. . .

After a few seconds, Andrea said, "Are you okay?"

I was a little suprised that she was asking me instead of saying something like 'ow that hurt' or even hinting at being in any kind of pain. "Uh, yeah," I said, "or atleast I think I am."

Instead of saying anything, she wrapped her arms around me for a few seconds. Then, she rose up a bit and pulled us to a standing position. "Come on, we need to get where we're going so we can have some real fun." She smiled.

I wondered what she meant by that, but I followed her anyway. Along the way, I thought about that. If she was talking about window punching or some other crazy thing, I'd be mad because she promised not to. If she was talking about sex, which I'd have absolutely no clue about, then I would be screwed. . . literally.

I followed them for about an hour and a half, so the house was completely out of sight. We were coming up to a field now, which was a bit odd.

They stopped. Andrea turned around and Kelsey walked off, climbing up a tree.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Um, we're here." She said. She paused, "Are you telling me you don't like it out here?"

"No, I didn't say that. I just asked what we were doing all the way out here." My face flushed, thoughts filling my head. Why did everything I said have to come out exactly the way I didn't want it to?

She grinned, probably thinking about the exact same thing I was thinking about - what she was planning on doing.

"Why all of the sudden do I not like the look I see on your face?" I asked, not expecting an answer.

She stepped closer to me as I stood as still as a statue, watching her every move. "The same reason why I'm walking toward you and you're not expecting what I'm about to do."

Instead of saying anything, I just stood still. It wasn't like I knew what to do anyway. So I waited a few seconds for something to happen. Suddenly, she jerked forward, stumbling a bit and grabbing me, pulling us both to the ground. My eyes widened. I gulped, my heartbeat beginning to thud and thump ever faster. "What are you going to do to me?" I squeaked, realizing how unlike it sounded in comparison to what I wanted to say.

"That's for me to know and you to enjoy." A playful grin spead across her face, making me even more anxious. I felt her lacing our fingers together, the pressure of her body against mine rising. I gulped again when she traced her hand down my back, passing my hips and resting there. . . on my butt.

End Chapter

Sorry for taking so long, but it's been a rough week. I can only do a few paragraphs per day. :(

Posted by ADR3-N - September 27th, 2008

Since I'm taking a break and I just found out that I am psychic (and possibly psychotic, lol) I thought I'd share this with you guys. Jill and I were playing a game since she was reading about psychic abilities and she dared me to either guess what she was thinking, or try to give her a mental message without moving or doing anything.

At first I tried to do the latter and basically thought, 'well, I'll try, but I'm telling you, this'll never work', she said, "Are you sure?" I thought she didn't even notice that I hadn't said anything because she was still reading, but then I thought, 'lucky guess. I guess the chick knows me better than I thought'

I tried again, just to make sure, then sure enough, when I had finished, she looked up and said, "You think bunnies are cute? Wow, how random and unexpected... So, what's next, you gonna read my mind or what?"

I said yes and then she started thinking, and yet again, I was suprised... and I learned that Jill loves boxers and lowcut socks... and abs... and lots of other stuff... Needless to say, when I told her EXACTLY what she was thinking, she was a bit freaked out, but not too much.

So, here I am now, telling you guys because I'm pretty sure that even if both Jill and I told anyone else, nobody'd believe us. Anywho, to see if I really was psychic, I went on IE and looked up some psychic tests, just to make sure this wasn't a fluke, partly because of the incident with the haunted house and all the crazy shit I've been seeing, and I turned up this. Check it out and post your score.

My best score: 16/16
Worst score: 13/16
Average: 14.5/16

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Okay guys, this is chapter 3. Since I'm on a virtual machine (basically a program that emulates my PC) that I'm testing while I'm writing this, I'm just going to run through it. I'll try to take it slow though, for Ruth (who I hope is actually reading this and not putting me through this just for the hell of it) and the rest of you. You know I love ya.

EDIT: Also, before you complain about it, I can't post a pic today.

Chapter III

It was about 5:30 when Andrea's sister finished bringing us to the house. I was impressed by just the sheer size of it. It was two or three stories and painted all black, for pretty obvious reasons. It seemed everything about these chicks had to have black atleast somewhere on it. Her sister, whose name I learned was JoAlice, had a dusky blondish red hair color and I didn't see any roots, so I assumed it was natural. She had several piercings in her eyebrow, ears, and on her lip. She wore glasses, the same kind as Andrea did. They looked a lot alike.

When we got out of the car, I stared up at the roof while Andrea practically kicked the door in, startling me, then complaining a bit about how it wouldn't open. She gestured for me to come in, butting her sister out of the way when she tried to go before me. JoAlice rolled her eyes at her slightly shorter sibling, then gave her an inquisitive look. Again, she gestured for me to go inside. I complied.

Needless to say, to me, the house was anything but normal. Everything inside was either black, red, or covered in various types of skulls, ranging from the cute, to the creepy.

Suddenly, Andrea yelled, "Oi, Kelsey, I'm home!" as she grinned. I silently prayed that she wouldn't be some kind of girlfriend of hers for a few seconds, but then I remembered, she asked me out earlier today. I breathed a sigh of relief, making her look back at me with a confused kind of face. When I saw the tip of a black converse shoe pop out from around the corner, I looked up from my own shoes at the girl who was now running towards us. Yet again, another pair of glasses. The only thing I saw different between these two was the fact that Andrea was WAY taller and Kelsey was way girlier. Kelsey also had braces. Other than that, they looked like twins.

I thought to myself, Another sister perhaps? Wow, what an interesting family. I giggled a bit when the shorter girl practically pounced on her and gave her a considerably big bear hug.

When they stopped hugging, Kelsey asked in a bit of a high pitched voice, "Hey, uh, who's the chick?" I noticed that she also had the same speech pattern as Andrea and Jo.

"Oh, uh... how do I put this..... Um... Guys, this is Ruth, for those of you who don't know." She grinned and blinked a little. By this time, her sister was already going upstairs while Kelsey stood by Andrea. "And uh... Ruth, this is Kelsey, my neice. I thought I'd say that just cause everyone I meet gets the idea that we're sisters and it makes her mad." She grinned bigger and ruffled Kelsey's long flowing hair, which was half up and half down. Kelsey punched her in the arm and they both started laughing.

"Just you wait, little sister, I'm going to finish with you later." Andrea smiled deviously and snickered, then grabbed me by the hand, "For now, I need to show her around so she doesn't get lost or fall down some stairs. You remember what happened last time." She tugged my hand and walked me upstairs.

A few moments later, we heard JoAlice yell, "Hey, what do you guys want for dinner?"

Andrea screamed out, "I dunno, depends on what Ruth wants. She's the guest, not letting her choose would be just plain rude!"

I blushed when I heard this, but instead of saying anything, I just covered my mouth and held an awkward grin while staring once again at my shoes.

She looked at me and saw how flushed and red my face was and grinned. When she noticed that I saw her smiling, she averted her gaze and took me to the third floor, up to her bedroom, which had its own bathroom and shower. The four post bed had a big blanket on it, black and red with a huge Aztec-ish looking skull. The headboard had two identical skulls on it, one on each side. They looked real. I was a bit creeped out about it, but I also thought they looked pretty cool with the rest of the decor. There was a plasma screen TV in front of the bed, which was to the left of the window at a diagonal to the other corner. Her room was pretty big.

The walls were all covered in posters and pictures, some drawn, others taken, and some were like little written shout outs to people. The only wall that wasn't completely covered in paper was the ceiling, which even had a few pictures and copy paper plastered on it, one had a picture of a girl on it, evidently she drew it because it had her signature on it in bold-like print. I also noticed that it said in big letters across the top "I LOVE RUTH"next to a smiley face. Again, I blushed.

She said, "You like my room?" interrupting my train of thought.

"Yeah, it's awesome." I smiled and stepped closer to her, shoving my hands in my pockets and marveling at all the art and pictures. I saw another picture that stood out. This one was to the left of the bed, it was of Andrea and another girl. I almost didn't recognize her because her hair was long and it was up in a pony tail. She didn't have glasses either. She was hugging her and the two of them had a bit of a devilish look on their faces. Near the bottom it said, "Haley loves you!!!" with lots of hearts and in pink.

I didn't ask about the pictures I saw. Some were of Andrea and the same girl who wrote with all the hearts and stuff, but others were of her and other people.

I went back to staring at the second picture I saw. I was looking at the girl beside her. She was short and her hair was up. She looked like a cheerleader.

Andrea interrupted my train of thought again, "So, I see you're giving that picture the eye, eh?"

"Um..." I started to speak, but then I just nodded.

"Yeah, that brings back good memories. That's me and Haley." She smiled warmly, probably reminiscing. "Hey, I'll be back in a sec. Okay? I'm gonna go fix my hair before we eat. Maybe you should go tell my sis what you want, or else she'll just make ham sandwiches. Oh, and you don't have to stand up anymore, make yourself at home." She looked at the floor and walked into the bathroom to grab a comb and put some sort of nice smelling gel stuff on her hair. A few minutes later, she came out and paused to wink at me before she ran down the hall and slid down the staircase railing.

Rather than walking all the way downstairs to talk to her sister, who already looked a bit pissed, I flopped down on Andrea's cushy bed and tried to relax. Without realizing it, I must've dozed off because when I opened my eyes again, it was dark and the only light in the room was from the moon. I felt heat against my body, enveloping me, and I noticed an arm around my midsection. I knew who it was. I also noticed that the covers were also on top of me now.

I pulled the covers off of me a bit, accidentally elbowing Andrea in the stomach and making her lurch a bit and let out a grunt. "Ow," she murmured, "That hurt."

"Are you awake?" I said.

"Well, I was trying to sleep, but you kinda gave me a wake up call with that elbow of yours."

"Sorry." I said, a bit of a timid expression on my face, even though I knew she probably couldn't see it.

"It's fine."

"Mind if I turn on the light?"

"Why?" she asked.

"I need to go to the bathroom." I said, awkwardly.

"Okay, no problem." She shifted, getting up, the warmth of her body leaving me little by little, making me wish I hadn't asked to have the light turned on, but it was better than pissing myself. "Cover your eyes." She warned, then she flipped the switch.

"Thanks." I said, moving out of bed. When I opened my eyes, they instantly stung, forcing me to shade them. Something I saw in her eyes made me uncover them once it was comfortable enough to see. When I did, I saw that they were almost pure white, not even going into the grays except for the really light shades.

When she noticed me staring, she said, "I know, my eyes look weird, but that's just cause it's a birth defect. I had to take my contacts out." She sighed.

"No they're not, I think they're really cute, just different." I said, before I had time to think about it.

"You really think so? Or are you just saying that?"

"I mean it, but uh, I really have to pee now."

She walked up to me and hugged me, blushing, then let me go to the bathroom. When I came out of it, she didn't appear to be anywhere in the room. Shrugging, I laid down on the bed and waited for her, when the light suddenly switched off and I felt someone next to me again. Smiling, I turned towards her and we cuddled. It was the first time I'd ever been with anyone since third grade, let alone a girl so I had no idea what to do. Eventually I just settled for making our bodies as close to each other as possible.

"I love you" she whispered.

"I love you too" I whispered back.

End of Chapter III

Later you guys. My mom bitched about me staying up to write this as it is. Also, if you're wondering why I didn't put her in the story, it's cause I'm so mad at her and I'd rather keep her out of it. I'm probably going to live with my sister and my niece for real now (I was there last week).

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I'm taking a little break from writing my story because well, I really need a little time away from it. For those of you whose PMs I haven't gotten to yet, I'm going to get around to them sooner or later, no worries. My life's just been busy as fuck. For now, I'm just going to chill out a little.