Entry #187

Why I Haven't Posted My AP Mod Diary and Obligatory Podcast and Need Your Opinion

2017-03-06 20:11:56 by ADR3-N

People who enjoy my wheneverly podcast, I'm probably gonna have to re-record it. I was (foolishly) testing out the native Sound Recorder, which didn't work great, needless to say, and the files are acting as if the mic was not powered for the whole 40 minutes -- so it's a real son of a bitch to edit with a terrible signal to noise ratio, i.e. lots of static -- can't even see the waveforms. What I'm probably going to do is re-record it in Mixcraft. Alternatively, I could compress, distort it a little, and slap on some auto-tune and chorus. It kind of sounds like AM radio, lmao.

I'd like your opinion: Should I go through the trouble and re-record, edit the file I already have and post, or add the statistics and events to my next 'cast?

Pros: there's some interesting stuff I discuss about the past 2 weeks, money making, someone cutting down a tree in my yard, and stats of course. I also talk about how utterly forgetful I've been in the past couple of weeks and my insomnia -- and sweet, sweet memories about NG. It's relatively unstructured, so if you want to actually hear how I talk, well, this is your ticket, lmao.

Cons: it will sound like shit without re-recording it, although still fairly listenable. At times it's a bit difficult to understand because some syllables like M and F are a little drowned out. There's some static. And by some I mean sometimes the compression is variable and the white noise is injected into everything else.

Thanks for your patience, guys 'n' gals. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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2017-03-06 20:36:07

Add the statistics to your next cast. That way the next one can also be longer.

May I be added to the subscription? :D Not gonna lie it's pretty cool Xtrullor's subscribed to you

ADR3-N responds:

Sure I'll add you. And yes, as an Xtrullor fan, it practically blows my mind. I'm always happy to have any subscribers, though. Feels good.


2017-03-06 21:06:19

I say post it after editing it. :) sorry to hear that though.

ADR3-N responds:

Will do! Also poke me if I missed your pm. I get so many I can lose one or two on the second page


2017-03-07 05:34:47

If it's fairly listenable without much trouble to edit it'd be fun to hear regardless! Actually kinda curious about how much distortion it'd have, and the AM radio comparison gives it a kind of nostalgic appeal. :D Even if AM radio was really before my time entirely. Either way's fine though, though re-recording sounds like a hassle.

ADR3-N responds:

It's between AM radio and the recording quality of the first "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" actually. Or walkie talkie interference. No static between words or in silence, just when I talk. I'll go ahead and mix the file since most everyone is still interested. May record a foreword proper.

Right now there's so much lighting I hesitate to do anything but use mobile haha. Lucky for me, no club tonight so I don't have anything else to distract me.


2017-03-07 10:33:12

If you can get it to sound decent without much hassle I say go ahead and post it, if not you could rerecord. At least that way, you can add in Anything that has happened since you did the original (unless it was like last night or something)

ADR3-N responds:

I might record a forenote and really record the worst parts


2017-03-07 11:33:51

If it's not an abomination that disturbs the audio gods, go ahead and post it.

You can do better next time.

ADR3-N responds:

That seems to be the consensus. I'll go ahead and clean it up. I"m also thinking of maybe promoting a new song every week or so, btw. If you have one you're fond of or would like a little buzz on, lemme know.

Has the GD harassment slowed down any sonce the last major update? I'm not really seeing major improvement on the unscouted portal side although it seems some are more aware of the havoc that's been wreaked.


2017-03-07 17:34:03

Ah ok. -poke- check it then lol I sent one


2017-03-08 16:16:15

-another poke-

ADR3-N responds:

-is poked- I'm getting to it, I'm getting to it! I started working out seriously again yesterday and died lol. Almost done editing 40 minute trash-cast, btw


2017-03-12 01:48:04

@jk-flipflop raped a kid

ADR3-N responds:

No, he didn't. If you actually knew him and why he was arrested, you'd know that. Be gone, troll.


2017-03-15 00:50:34

wait, jk-flip-flop was arrested?

ADR3-N responds:

C0rn posted some arrest records and registries he found online and has been stalking/harrassing/threatening JK for ages. Sure, JK was arrested. You can find that just by looking up someone's name, but you also see none of these arrest record sites actually tell you whether someone is guilty, what they did, etc., and they all state that they could be inaccurate. No reason to stalk somebody.

He's also gone as far as to post JK's sex offense registry. Of course, you can end up registered for going on 4chan's random board and quickly scrolling past CP some idiot posted -- because it'll be in your temp internet files. You can get registered for a 17 year old texting inappropriate photos to the wrong number, or having your shoes off in the same room as a woman, period. You can get registered for someone saying you were alone with a child.

C0rn is saying JK raped a kid, when he doesn't even know him, what he was charged for, or if he was guilty when he was arrested. It ain't my place to discuss, but he definitely didn't rape a kid.


2017-03-21 21:29:29

Is JK in jail atm? The dude hasn't been online anywhere in like 3 weeks..

ADR3-N responds:

Haven't heard from him. I hope not. Could have to do with his girlfriend. They were expecting last he mentioned